Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhi Convinces Manjiri to Attend !

The Episode starts with a truck coming between Abhi and Akshu. His heart beats. He looks around. They leave. Abhinav says I think I will gain 20 kgs. Manish says we will keep 25 kg target. Abhir says don’t eat much, how will we make abs. He shows his abs. Manish jokes. Abhir says its like Dilwale Sir ji. Abhinav says Salman Khan Sir ji. Abhir looks at him. Manjiri comes to Ruhi. Ruhi says Abhi won’t call that jam aunty, I noted her number. Akshu comes home. Abhir runs to her. He says peacock feather.

Suwarna says its lucky. Akshu gives it to him. Manjiri calls the number. Akshu takes the call. Manjiri gets shocked hearing her voice. She hears Manish and Suwarna laughing. Suwarna asks what happened. Akshu says no one is talking, whose number is this. Suwarna checks the number and says its Manjiri’s number. Akshu says Maa… why did she call me. Suwarna sees Akshu.

Ruhi asks what happened, didn’t the call connect. Manjiri says it should never connect. Akshu calls back. She says she blocked my number. Manjiri cries and leaves. Akshu does Manish’s hair champi. He laughs. They sit talking. Abhi keeps the peacock feather. Manjiri comes and asks why did Akshu come here, why did you go to Kasauli, did you lie to us, you went to meet her, you can’t ruin Aarohi and Ruhi’s lives. He says stop it, she is not there in my life.

Manish says we invited Birla family in mum’s birthday, they all will come. Abhi says yes, I met her, it was a joke of fate, some jokes hurt us a lot, its no use to tell them. She says I m scared that same pain, sorrow, tears and Akshara comes back. Manish says it will be tough for you when Abhir and Abhinav meet Abhi, can you handle yourself. Akshu says wrong won’t happen. Abhi says story will start when I want that. Manjiri says few stories aren’t in our hands.

Mahima says its Dadi’s birthday, Akshu will be there. Anand says you can’t handle it, Abhi. She says Akshu will be with family, won’t we care seeing her, you and Aarohi are making a new start, why to think of past, Ruhi is also involved. Manjiri says we won’t go there. Abhi asks why, its Aarohi’s Maayka also, Ruhi is so excited to go in the birthday, I won’t let you cancel this plan, its imp for us to go there for Dadi’s sake.

She says fine, but I won’t go there, I will not compromise, never for her. Abhir says we will go for an outing. Abhinav says I explained him, he isn’t listening. Manish says Abhir will go out. Abhir says you are the best. Manish says we are buddies. Akshu says wow, Abhir, what a target. Suwarna blesses their jodi and jokes.

Manish hugs Abhir. Everyone smiles. Manish says I have planned a super surprise for you, we will go out and enjoy. Dadi says I will also come for shopping. Akshu says yes, we will get the birthday girl go shopping. Muskaan says we will take a pic. Abhir says family pic. Akshu says but Kairav isn’t here.

He asks is he annoyed with me. She says no, he can never get annoyed with you. Abhinav says I have an idea. Manish asks what. Manjiri asks Abhi to go. Abhi says I want you to meet someone, come with me. He takes her to mirror and says meet her, she is my mum, she is strong. She argues. He explains her.

Abhi says think of Dadi, if all her children celebrate her birthday, she will be glad, think of Ruhi, few kids get such chance. She asks them to go. He asks will Ruhi stay happy there without you, it’s a matter of one day. She says no, won’t I get scared of this. He says no, I will protect you, you trust me, its your wish. She cries and says I will come, Abhi, we all will go. He goes.

Abhi says I want a broach. He takes it. Akshu comes to the stop. The man says I gave the box to your husband. Abhir faints. Manjiri holds him and takes him in the car. Abhinav sees this and shouts stop the car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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