Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhi Decides to Win Back Akshu !

The Episode starts with Manjiri asking how is Abhi. Mahima says he had much blood loss, but kids’ prayers worked. Manjiri and Aarohi say we want to take him home, we will take care of him. Mahima agrees. Manjiri says come home soon, Abhi. Manish says his name is Abhimanyu, he will be surrounded in Chakravyuh. Dadi prays for him. Abhir says your prayer is answered. Dadi says don’t do this again. Akshu says you shouldn’t go alone. He says sorry, give me my medicines. She says go and get my purse. She thinks.

Muskaan asks Abhir to come with her. Abhinav says I will go and get your purse. She says no, it will come. He says a woman has her world in her purse, how shall I leave your world, don’t say anything, I didn’t ask you anything, don’t answer me, we will talk, but later. He goes. She looks on. He cries. He gets Neela’s call and asks is everything fine, you called at night. She asks what are things there. He says its fine. She asks him about Akshu and his relation.

Abhi says there is no network. He leaves. Aarohi thinks of Abhi and Akshu. Shefali says smile now, Abhi is coming home. Aarohi says I shouldn’t do this engagement. Shefali asks what, everything is over between Abhi and Akshu, please don’t worry, Akshu would have run to anyone in that situation. Aarohi says I get hurt thinking of that moment. Manjiri says you are making a family, marry Abhi, Akshu will leave some day, you focus on your life, learn to ask and fight for life, else you won’t get what is yours, go and tell Akshu what you want.

Abhinav comes to hospital and takes Akshu’s purse. He goes to Abhi. He says if a man is happy then even air is like a medicine, else medicine is also like aid, you stay happy, you get well soon. He wards off his bad sight. The purse gets stuck there. Abhinav takes it and turns to go. Abhi holds the purse and stops him. Abhinav looks at him. Aarohi comes to Akshu. Aarohi says leave Udaipur and go Akshu. Abhi asks how shall I stay happy, please return my Akshu, my happiness. Abhinav is shocked.

Aarohi says I don’t know what is between you and Abhi, everything got wrong because of your coming, please go back. Aarohi says if you steal Abhi this time, then Ruhi will be heartbroken, I fold hands to you, don’t snatch Poppy from Ruhi, please go, Abhi is my future and Abhinav is your future, don’t fight with fate, learn to live with what you have. Abhi says please give me my Akshu. Abhinav scolds him.

He says I m her husband, you are sick, you aren’t in senses, so I m forgiving you, if you say anything about my wife, then I will forget my decency. Abhi says its decency, not love that its hard to forget, raise your hand, I can’t wipe Akshu’s name, how will you do. Abhinav says my wife’s name is Akshara. Abhi says Akshu, my love’s name is Akshu. Aarohi says please go back. Akshu says wait a min. Abhinav says love was there in the past, you have no right to think of her.

Abhi says I know its wrong, but there is nothing wrong and right in love. They argue. Abhi says I m asking for what fate has snatched from me. Abhinav says you are asking what fate has given me. Abhi says I love Akshu, I will never stop loving her. Abhinav says you are calling your failure and rigidity your love. Abhi says you are calling my love my failure and rigidity, I didn’t come between you two, the truth is, you have come between us, she still loves me, even if you and Akshu agree with this or not, she is just of her Abhi.

Abhi says I will always love you. Akshu says I don’t love you. Abhi says your heart knows the truth. Abhinav looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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