Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhi Finds Missing Akshu !

Abhi saying the patient is fine. Akshu asks will those girls become an orphan, is that lady fine. He says yes, she is fine because of you. She hugs him. He asks her to relax. She leaves. Mahima is on call. Manjiri comes to her. Mahima says patients are strange, they don’t listen to doctor and then threaten to change the doctor when they fall sick. Manjiri says we also used to do the same in childhood. Mahima laughs and says I m missing mum a lot. Manjiri hugs her and says you are my mum, elser sister and Sasuma for me. She shows the ring given by their Sasuma. She says she was so lovely, why don’t we give this to Aarohi. Mahima says new generation people don’t like these old things. Manjiri says Abhi will like it. Mahima says Abhi can’t refuse to you, call Aarohi here for ring selection, learn to change with time. She goes. Manjiri says my bahu will make me modern. Harsh says we have to find the pic somehow. Aarohi gets a call. She says all problems are happening today. Akshu gets sad. She says Aarohi couldn’t move on, maybe after marriage, she will move ahead.

Kairav finishes a call. He sees Vansh waiting. He asks what happened. Vansh says nothing, Reem didn’t come, we have much work, we have to do a lot of planning. Kairav says yes, right, she has to come. Reem comes. Kairav sees them and thinks everyone gets their own love. Abhi says how did Akshu get so affected, she was scared.

Akshu thinks I m not able to forget this, I have to leave from here for some time. She leaves. Abhi doesn’t see her. Harsh says this cctv footage is the truth, we have to destroy this proof. He deletes it. Anand and Mahima come there. The system hangs. Harsh asks did the footage get deleted or not. He thinks no one should know about it. Harsh sees file deleted message. Mahima says you both behaved strangely in the party also. Harsh says its work as usual, nothing.

Kairav says Akshu always comes on time. Vansh says I called her and she was panicking. Dadi says call someone, I m worried. Aarohi says no one got the pics, where is Akshu. Kairav says I will call Aarohi. He calls her. He asks where are you. She says I m at the hospital, Akshu isn’t here. He says she didn’t come here, please tell us if you know about her. He thinks to ask Aarohi. He hears Aarohi saying she isn’t around. Abhi worries and goes out to the guard to ask about Akshu. Guard asks who. Abhi shows her pic and asks him. Guard says she left in daytime and didn’t return. Abhi thanks him. He says its going to be night now.

Everyone worries for Akshu. Kairav and Vansh go to find Akshu. Aarohi comes to Harsh and says Akshu is missing. Harsh asks what new drama did she start now. Anand says maybe she went somewhere. Aarohi says she never does so, I m also scared. Anand says relax, she will come. Abhi is on the way. Neil says Abhi told me, he went to find Akshu, I will also go and find her. Parth says good idea, I will stay here. Manjiri prays. Dadi is crying at home. Abhi, Kairav and Vansh look for her. Kairav cries. Vansh asks him to calm down. Kairav says I m scared for her, I wish she is fine. Abhi comes to a temple. He prays for Akshu. He says before she lands in any trouble, make us meet, please. He turns and sees the NGO banner. He leaves. Neil says Abhi went to find Akshu. Harsh asks why did he go. Mahima says he has a relation with Akshu, she is Aarohi’s sister. Aarohi says I understand, I m also responsible. A man informs about the staff accident case. They all rush to see and see someone else. Akshu says the car had to break down here, even the phone battery is dead, I don’t have a charger. She cries. Abhi comes there. Abhi and Akshu run to each other, and hug. Jaaniye….plays…. They get away. He asks where did you go, what happened to you. She says I wasn’t able to control my emotions there, I wanted to run away. He says that was a normal accident case. She says for me… He asks what…

Akshu says I m coming. Akhilesh says the bridge is broken, you both have to stay there. Neil says Akshu won’t snatch Abhi from you. Abhi and Akshu dance. She says I love you. They hug.

Update Credit to: Amena

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