Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhi Gets Proof Against Arohi !

The Episode starts with Abhi and Akshu seeing each other. She goes and stumbles. The pic falls. Abhi looks on. A boy asks him to tie his shoe lace. Abhi ties the lace. He gets the crushed pic there. He opens the pic, but doesn’t see. He sees Akshu talking to someone. He also crushes the pic and keeps in his pocket. Harsh says we have to end this party and ask the staff to find the pic, Abhi and your family shouldn’t get it.

Akshu asks the doctor to attend the music therapy. Abhi comes. The man says no, I can’t come, its okay, I hate music. He goes. She says he has run away like he has seen some ghost, I m just trying to help. She turns and sees Abhi. She asks why did you scare him. He says you know it, I m trying. She says we decided to stay normal. He says its not doctor’s oath that I can’t break. Vansh gives a gift to Reem. Reem says thanks, what’s inside. He says I don’t know. She checks and sees an angel. He says wow, an angel for an angel. She says thanks for a lovely gift. She goes. Kairav looks at Vansh. He says finally, good. He laughs. Vansh goes. Kairav says Vansh is gone.

Harsh asks did you get the pic. Aarohi signs no. Harsh says you are foolish, you should have torn the pic and trash it, its a proof of your lie, I can’t do anything. Neil gives the hampers to Akshu and Aarohi. Manish says we should go now. Manjiri says we are glad that you have come.

Anand says we will discuss and decide the date. Manish says Akshu didn’t tell me anything, I got to know it from the minister. Harsh says I m sorry Akshu. She says its okay uncle. Suwarna says Dadi is unwell, so we asked her to take rest, she won’t get rest during marriage arrangements. Manjiri says we called the jeweller, we will make the children choose the ring.

Its morning, Aarohi says pic isn’t found by now, did Abhi get it, no, I should have destroyed it. Akshu asks what happened. Aarohi says I woke up because of excitement for my engagement, you aren’t marrying, you won’t understand. Akshu says sorry. Aarohi says I didn’t mean that. Akshu says you have to go to Birla house to select the ring. Aarohi asks her to come along. Akshu says no, its your moment. Aarohi says you are good in these things. Akshu says no, don’t involve me, I get the blames always, I want your marriage to happen well, you do your work yourself.

Aarohi says thanks but I need you, I feel something wrong is going to happen, please come. Akshu asks why, did you do anything. Aarohi says no, its just pre-wedding jitters. Akshu says it doesn’t look so, fine, I will ask Manish if I can come, we shall go to hospital now. Manjiri comes to wake up Abhi. She says you don’t get a good sleep. She asks him to get ready and come. She picks his party clothes. She keeps his wallet and that pic there. Manjiri checks the jewellery. Parth says wow. Manjiri says my mum and Sasuma gave me these jewellery, we have to do something of Abhi’s room. Neil jokes. She says we have to decorate the room. She teases Parth and smiles.


Parth says every man becomes yes man after the marriage, its okay to make compromises for the one we love. Shefali looks on and smiles. Neil says great, Shefali came on right time, Parth is your devotee. Manjiri says husband should help his wife, I will ask Abhi to listen to his wife, one sided love can’t give happiness to anyone. Neil says this vintage ring looks good. Manjiri asks for Mahima. She goes.

Akshu and Aarohi come to the hospital. Akshu says christmas was celebrated well. Aarohi says I have work stress. She goes. Akshu sees the doctor seeing her and running away. She says he has run away because of Abhi’s fear, Abhi is rude. Abhi asks what. A lady is brought there on the stretcher. Abhi attends her.

Akshu cries seeing the lady. Abhi says we have to keep her awake. He sees Akshu at the door. He goes out. He says I need you, I need your help. He takes her in the OT. He asks Akshu to sing and distract the patient, she can’t sleep. Akshu recalls Sirat dying. Abhi thinks she got scared seeing a serious accident. He says please sing, she is a mother, help me in saving her, sing. Akshu sings Kabhi yaadon…. The patient gets stable. Abhi sees Akshu crying.

Aarohi says Akshu is missing. Abhi looks for Akshu. He reaches a temple and prays. Akshu shouts Abhimanyu….

Update Credit to: Amena

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