Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhi & Neil Find out DNA Truth !

The Episode starts with Harsh giving his speech. Neil goes. Harsh says Abhi and Parth had many choices, but they chose Birla hospital, Abhi is one of the best surgeons, he has earned a big name at a young age. Manjiri look at Neil. Abhi rushes to reach the function. Aarohi keeps the file there. Akshu takes the file and worries. Aarohi thinks I know you well. She asks Neil to take the file to Harsh, its with Akshu. She makes an excuse and sends him.

Neil asks Akshu for the file. She says take any other file. He insists him. Harsh says we have introduced IVF and DNA testing dept. Everyone claps. Neil snatches the file from Akshu and goes. She worries. Manjiri and Abhi look on. Aarohi pushes Neil intentionally and goes. He picks the papers. Akshu goes to Abhi and panics. He asks what happened. Neil sees his report. He gets shocked. Rohan asks Abhi to come on stage. Abhi asks Akshu to say, why is she worried. Rohan insists him to come. Harsh comes and scolds Neil.

He asks why are you not starting the presentation, did you spoil anything, not every orphan deserves sympathy, some are duffer like you. Neil says I m not an orphan. Rohan says I don’t want to get scolded by Harsh. Abhi asks him to wait. Rohan asks Akshu to wait. Neil says I m not an orphan. Harsh asks who are you talking to. Neil shouts I know everything. He cries and says I m not an orphan. Akshu and Manjiri get shocked seeing him. Everyone looks on. Harsh asks Abhi to see Neil. He asks reporters to stop. Abhi asks Neil why is he saying this. Neil says I m not an orphan. Abhi asks who told this to you, tell me. Neil says tell Harsh that I m not an orphan. Abhi gets angry seeing Harsh.

Neil gives the report to Abhi. Manjiri says Akshara, and faints down before Abhi checks the report. Abhi runs to Manjiri and lifts her to take. He asks Akshu to see Neil. Reporters ask Shefali about Neil. Manish asks them not to interfere in personal matters. Goenkas go to see Manjiri. Shefali and Parth also excuse themselves. Vansh asks Neil what happened, come with me.

Akshu recalls everything and cries. Anand asks what happened. Harsh asks did you find out anything. Abhi checks Manjiri. He sees the report there and says it’s the same paper which was in Neil’s hand. He hears Manjiri saying Akshu, why did you do this. He checks the DNA report. Rohan comes and gives Manjiri’s medicine. Abhi keeps the report in the pocket. Manish says it was going smooth and then this happened. Kairav says Harsh would have said something to Neil. Vansh says he is so full of life.

Dadi prays for Akshu. Aarohi sings that she gets a relief. Abhi asks Parth to take Akshu home. Akshu holds him. He says we will go home and talk. He leaves. Harsh says how dare Neil behave like this, is this something to say in such an occasion, that he isn’t an orphan. Mahima asks Harsh not to irritate her. Harsh says I will kill Neil today. Abhi is on the bike and recalls Akshu and Neil. His bike stops. He tries to fix it.

The report falls down his pocket. He checks Neil’s DNA reports. He gets shocked seeing Neil and Harsh’s match. Two guys come and ask what happened, did the bike break down, do you need help. Abhi says I got to know a big thing. The guys leave. Abhi keeps the report in his pocket. He hits the bike in anger.


Abhi says I m going to find Neil, it was your mistake today. akshu is shocked. Abhi looks for Neil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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