Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhi Stands up for Shefali ; Akshu Frees Abhinav from Prison !

The Episode starts with Parth and Abhi arguing. Anand asks Abhi to stop it. He says your relation couldn’t work, you are spoiling Parth’s relation. Abhi says its not about me, but a woman’s respect. Parth scolds him. Manjiri says Parth, you shouldn’t raise hand. Mahima says matter ends when Shefali said he didn’t slap her. Manjiri says I have lied many times like that, I know when a woman lies and why. Abhi argues with them.

Mahima says I won’t tolerate my son’s insult, come Parth. Abhi says we all should be ashamed, we think we are family, we have failed as a family, we have no right to be called a family. She asks him to shut up. He says no, I won’t, a bahu leaves Maayka and comes to Sasural, she has many pressures, she couldn’t say truth always, so family is there to understand her silence, the world understands what’s spoken, you all have unheard her silence, we are capable, high class doctors, our family has done wrong with all the bahus, be it Mahima, Manjiri, Shefali or Akshara.

Neela curses the culprits. She worries for Abhinav and says he is in lockup for their crimes. Abhir hears this and asks did police take dad. Akshu says no, he is super Papa, you are his super son, don’t worry. She gets a call. Abhir prays for Abhinav. She goes. Neela gets Muskaan’s call. Abhir feels dizzy and sits.

Abhi says I didn’t listen to Akshu and divorced her, she had lost her babies and respect, what did this family do, nothing, she fought with life and we fought with her. He says yes Maa, it was our mistake, it’s a first step towards rectifying mistake if we accept it, we can’t change it and can’t join the broken relations, we can accept the mistake, we didn’t respect her, we betrayed her, I used to speak for you when wrong happened with you, why didn’t I say at Akshu’s time, I won’t stay quiet now, this time Shefali won’t be alone, I will be with her, its my promise.

Kairav sees Muskaan crying. Muskaan talks to Neela. She asks her to take care of Akshu. Kairav asks what happened. She says Abhinav is in custody, he had a tourist bag, drugs were found in it, everyone is worried, Akshu is handling it alone. He worries. Abhi pacifies Shefali.

He says take your time, one hour or one day, look at this chair, you will find me waiting here, child learns everything from his mum, Shivu will learn from you, think what you want to teach him, to tolerate torture or raise voice against, do you want to normalize domestic violence or teach him to respect girls. He sits on the chair. Shefali gets thinking.

Akshu says the drugs bag belong to Manish. Inspector says he can deny it. She says you might have heard about police investigation, you also try it, the dates are written, check the hotel cctv footages, you will know whose bag is it, please the team there. He asks how shall I send, its 7pm, the investigating officer left. She argues and says I will get you suspended. He asks her to leave. Abhinav also argues. Inspector signs constable. Constable asks him to apologize.

Abhinav says no, he has to apologize to Akshara. Constable pushes him. Abhinav falls. Akshu asks are you fine. She states the laws and threatens the inspector. She says you do your duty, if I go out, then I won’t be quiet, never underestimate the power of an Indian wife, a wife can get her husband from Yamraj, you are just a senior subinspector. Aarohi asks shall I get coffee. Abhi says no. She says we can help the one who helps own self. He says it needs courage to do this, maybe she will get courage if we support her. Nishta looks on.

Mahima says Abhi isn’t helping, he is taking an advantage, I will handle Parth, this matter is between us, Abhi isn’t needed to come in between. Inspector says don’t complain, I have wife and kids, my job will go. Akshu says fine, you will release my husband right away. He says sure, I will prepare the bail papers, sit down. Abhinav smiles. Manjiri says Shefali, you have to decide right and wrong, I m with you, until you respect yourself, no one will respect you.

Abhinav says I have troubled you a lot and you are doing this for me, you confused me. Manjiri says we did wrong with Akshu, we lost Neil, but she also lost her babies, no, I can’t accept this, Abhi didn’t say the truth. Parth and Mahima worry. Shefali thinks. Inspector says you have shaken the station, sign here, fine you can take him.

Akshu says fine, but the one who pushed him should say sorry. Abhi sits waiting. Shefali comes. She says I will tell my marriage truth to everyone, its time to make a new start in this new morning. Abhi calls out Manjiri and everyone. Everyone comes. Manjiri asks what’s the matter. Shefali goes to Parth. Constable says sorry. He opens the lockup. Abhinav comes out. Akshu thanks Kanha ji. They leave. Abhinav smiles seeing her.

Abhinav says I didn’t ask for a date till now. Akshu smiles. She says I will come. They look for Abhir. Abhi gets Akshu’s call.

Update Credit to: Amena

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