Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhimanyu & Akshara’s Wedding Ritual Begins !

The Episode starts with Abhi singing Saajan ji ghar aaye… He dances in the baraat. Akshu sees him and dances. She sees her earring fallen. She asks the earring not to get excited and fall down. Manjiri dances on Aai shagun ki ghadiyaan… Akhilesh says wow, what a baraat. Vansh says this looks like stage dance. Dadi does Abhi’s aarti. Manish makes Abhi wear the garlands. Abhi looks for Akshu. Akshu hides. Goenkas welcome Birlas. Dadi says stop, we have a rasam left. Aarohi gets a pot and walks around Abhi, saying its to ward off his bad sight. Dadi asks Abhi to give her nek. Abhi gives an envelope.

Aarohi says I don’t want this, but forgiveness, I m sorry, please forgive me. He says I m going to make a new start today, you are forgiven. She thanks him. Neil says we thought it will be fun. Kairav says let baraat get inside first and then see the welcome. Suwarna pulls Abhi’s nose. Dadi says this is also a rasam. Aarohi stops Abhi. Vansh asks what happened Neil, didn’t the groom get an entry. Abhi says its my marriage today. Kairav says you have to touch that toran, take this branch.

Abhi says its high. Harsh asks how can he touch it. Manish says he will do it, he is our hero. Anand says yes, come on Abhi, do it. Abhi asks Neil to go. Neil gets a bike. Abhi stands on the bike and touches the toran. Harsh and Anand say yes, wow…. Everyone claps for Abhi. Akshu says my hero, my doc man. Abhi says Akshu calls me her doc man. He shouts someone tell my bride that her groom has arrived.

Akshu sees Kartik and Naira’s pic. She asks does a girl think so, I wish you were here to tell me how to handle these emotions, I miss you mumma. She cries. She says Abhi and I waited for this moment, I m ready to marry him. Anand and Harsh like the décor and compliment Kairav for his efforts. Kairav thanks them. He says Reem and her team did all the work. Harsh says compliment Reem and her team from our side. Suwarna asks Manjiri how did she like it. Manjiri says its too good.

Abhi asks everyone not to lift him in varmala ritual and not trouble Akshu. Nishta says you are taking her side, wow. Abhi says you will know it when your turn comes, Akshu is so lean, she may fall down and break her bones. Neil says we will lift you. Parth says Akshu can’t reach you, this will happen. Abhi says I m the groom, my wish will be followed.

Aarohi comes to Akshu and smiles seeing her. Akshu says I m happy but tensed also. Aarohi says you love him, you should have no tension, think of Abhi’s love, then your fear will end, come, I have to ward off your bad sight. Akshu smiles and hugs her. They see Kartik and Naira’s pic and cry. Aarohi asks her to come. Abhi asks why did the lights go, how will I see Akshu. Neil says she will be so stunning, then you can see her from far. Aarohi brings the bride. Everyone sees the bride.

The bride starts dancing. Harsh asks did she drink bhaang, she will embarrass us, stop her. Abhi goes and asks Akshu to remove the ghunghat, please. He sees some guy. They all get shocked. They laugh. The guy goes away. Vansh teases Abhi. Abhi says I will see you. Aarohi says see your bride first. Abhi asks them not to pull any prank now. Manjiri says get varmala also. Kairav asks did I give it to Vansh. Vansh says no. Akhilesh says our family marriage functions and varmala history is bad. Mahima asks did you forget it. Kairav says no. Abhi asks what will I make Akshu wear.


Reem comes and says no need to go anywhere, I have the varmala, it won’t trouble them in this marriage, Kairav told me and gave me this responsibility. Harsh says Kairav, forgot about it. Anand says he has much stress. Manish says its not easy to be bride’s brother. Vansh thanks Reem. The bag zip gets stuck. Abhi goes to help and opens the bag. They all see the garlands inside. Mahima asks will anyone call the bride. Suwarna says she is coming. Kairav says everyone will be just seeing her, especially Abhi. They say she has come. Everyone sees Akshu coming. Kairav says Abhi’s bride, Akshu.

Akshu comes to Abhi. Hamari banno pyaari….plays… They exchange the garlands.

Update Credit to: Amena

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