Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhimanyu & Akshu Decide to Get Married !

Harsh saying don’t tell us where is Abhi, call him, tell him, everyone is ready here, we are waiting for him, think of Aarohi, her life and career will be affected, Abhi will be responsible, two families will get ruined, he acts like a hero, he will become a villain in everyone’s eyes. He warns saying your upbringing will be questioned, no one can forgive you ever. He goes. She calls Abhi. He thinks Abhi will come back on her saying, we will leave with baraat.

Abhi holds Akshu’s hand and leaves. Aarohi lights a diya. Soni chidiya….plays… Suwarna says you will get a new mum as Manjiri. She hugs Aarohi. Manish hugs Aarohi and asks her to stay happy. Aarohi hugs everyone. She thinks something is wrong, Akshu is missing. The baraat comes. Everyone goes to welcome the baraat. Kairav sends the audio note to Akshu. He says baraat has come, come soon, Aarohi is waiting.

Akshu says Aarohi is ready. Abhi says we can’t go, its too late. She says but we have to go there, they are waiting for us. He says its about the family respect, it will be a big issue. She says no, people will make news, what will I tell the family. He says we will marry. She says we just decided…

He says situation changed now, we can’t let elders get insulted, if anyone questions our relation, we should have an answer, don’t think much else decision gets weak, its time, Mahadev will get us their blessings, we will get married here, I will not step back this time, you think of everyone, its not wrong, we are also not wrong, our love and marriage isn’t wrong. Aarohi says Akshu called me and I missed it, she isn’t answering now, maybe she is in baraat. Abhi and Akshu reach the temple. Harsh and Manjiri get sad.

Aarohi worries and says I m scared, there is an issue, exam was bogus, marriage should happen well. Kairav asks what happened. Manjiri recalls talking to Abhi. He says I m fine, Akshu is with me, you used to say that such person will come in my life and change it, it changed, Akshu accepted that she loves me, we both love each other, I know it got late, everything got complicated, but we have to follow our heart now. She says put phone on speaker. Manjiri says Akshu… how are you. Akshu says I m fine.

Manjiri says we can be modern, but we are incomplete without family, love is a beautiful feeling, don’t neglect family. FB ends. Harsh says sorry. Aarohi worries. Akshu recalls everyone’s words. Manjiri thinks nothing is imp to me than Abhi’s happiness. Harsh says we came prepared, but Abhi didn’t come with us, he is missing. Kairav asks where is he. Anand says we won’t know. Manish scolds them. Akhilesh asks Harsh to answer. Manjiri prays. Abhi holds Akshu’s hands.

Aarohi says Abhi and Akshu are snatching my dreams, I won’t let this happen. She comes to the temple.

Update Credit to: Amena

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