Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhimanyu & Arohi’s Wedding Postponed !

Abhi asking what shall I do. Akshu says accept the truth, Aarohi will be your wife, she will always be my sister, then you will have a relation with me, we are away now, lets face this reality. He asks what did you say. She says yes, we will forget the past to make a new start. Aarohi says operation went well, where is Abhi, I hope he is okay. Akshu says lets be normal. Abhi asks what is normal, I will become normal, look I m normal. He dances with Akshu. He asks her to please teach him dance. Jeene ke liye….plays…

He says I have to dance a lot in my marriage, this is normal. Aarohi gets a file. She goes to Abhi’s cabin. Abhi says you will see my normal now, I will see how you tolerate it. He pushes her away. Aarohi comes. Abhi asks her not to think anything wrong, they were just talking about being normal. Aarohi says its cool, I wanted to tell you that Akshu joined the hospital, its all normal if you both are normal. Akshu says I will go, you both will be busy. He says yes, very busy, I will see you around, normal Akshu. Akshu goes. He also goes. Aarohi looks on. She says I m the best, I m marrying the best, I will prove that my place is also there on these posters. Mahima looks on.

Kairav asks Manish to sign on the tax papers. Manish signs. Kairav asks how long will you stay upset, its good that we do Aarohi’s bidaai happily, we all need you. Akhilesh looks on. Manish asks what am I doing, I feel this is good for the family and reputation, I agreed for Aarohi’s marriage, why did Akshu join the Birla hospital. Kairav says there will be some logic, Akshu doesn’t do anything without thinking. Harsh gets a call. He says cabinet minister’s surgery is there, they chose our hospital. Anand says great, I have to do the operation. Mahima says nice. Harsh says its amazing, it can do a lot for our hospital image, PA will send the date. He gets a message. He gets shocked. Akhilesh says we got a good venue luckily, VIPs will be coming. Manish says calm down, everything will be fine, I m with you. They hug. Vansh says now there won’t be any problem. Kairav says we will do this together. Aarohi and Akshu come home. Manish hugs them. He says everyone will see the grand marriage. Manish hugs Akhilesh.

Anand asks how can this happen, minister’s operation on the wedding day. Harsh says I requested, but PA didn’t listen. Anand says what about Abhi, you know everything. Harsh says you have to do this surgery, we will postpone the marriage. Mahima smiles and says I agree with Harsh, Goenkas will be family now. Anand says Manish shouldn’t get upset. Harsh says I have a good idea.

Aarohi gets a message. She says Manjiri, Abhi and wedding planner are coming here. Akshu hears this and leaves from the house. Abhi comes and stops her. Abhi asks where are you running. She says I have some work. He says its strange, I know its my marriage. She says sorry, I have to go, you can go inside. He says I m absolutely normal, I came here from the hospital on mum’s call, are you normal. She says yes, Aarohi is waiting for you. She takes him home. Manish says its good you have come and got Reem along. Reem says you don’t need to worry now. Vansh smiles seeing her. Reem asks Aarohi to tell her likes and dislikes. Aarohi gets a message and thinks my MD form isn’t processed. Manjiri worries.

Akshu asks are you fine. Manjiri says yes. Abhi checks her pulse. He asks what happened. Manjiri says I had to tell something imp, we have to postpone the marriage date. Manish asks did anything happen, is anyone unwell. Abhi says you didn’t tell me, what happened. Manjiri recalls asking Reem to come along. Harsh says you have to go to Goenka house and tell them that we have to postpone the marriage date. She asks why. He says don’t ask anything, its imp, do this, think what to lie to them, explain them, there should be no drama. Aarohi asks what happened, tell me. Manjiri says our old pandit ji saw the kundalis and told that the date isn’t good, we have to change the mahurat. Manish asks why are you saying this, you didn’t tell this before.

Manjiri says I can just apologize. Manish says I m also sorry, why are you so confused, what is it. He scolds them. Manjiri stops Abhi. Manish says my girls don’t have parents, I m their Dada, can you think what we go through, what will happen when we become a joke in society. Harsh says Manjiri will convince Manish. Mahima says no, I think Manish will break the marriage today. Dadi asks do you want to keep the marriage today or not.

Aarohi comes to the temple. Akshu is stuck in the rains. Abhi comes to save her. Aarohi sees them close.

Update Credit to: Amena

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