Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhimanyu Aur Akshara ki Pehli Mulaqat

The Episode starts with Dadi pacifying Akshu and asking her to stay calm. Abhimanyu thinks I will give such a medicine to the minister’s daughter that she will see. He enters Akshu’s ward and slips after stepping on Dadi’s walking stick. He falls over Akshu. The light flickers. Abhimanyu and Akshu see each other. Nurse asks are you fine. He gets up and slips again. Akshu covers herself. He stops and hears her breathing. He asks what does she like. Dadi says singing. He holds Akshu’s hand and asks her to sing. She sings O Kanha…. He recalls hearing her song.

He holds her bracelet in his hand. Dadi asks Abhimanyu to get away from Akshu. The bracelet falls there. Doctor comes to call him. Abhimanyu goes. Akshu tries to see. Doctor says she is waiting for you. Abhimanyu thinks I couldn’t see her face. He goes. Dadi asks are you fine, are you hurt. Akshu asks who was that man. The nurse says he is the best top surgeon, Abhimanyu Birla. Akshu says Aarohi and I had a fight because of him.

Aarohi looks for Abhimanyu. The man says Sir is busy, he has an appointment with the health minister’s daughter. She says I have decided that I need his time. Abhimanyu says I have prescribed Churan tablets to the minister’s daughter. He hears a sound and says my bike. He runs outside the hospital. Aarohi has hit his bike. She says hi, this is Aarohi, medical state topper of this year. He thinks strange, he isn’t looking at me. He keeps his bike on stand and goes.

He sings and thinks I will ask her welfare once. He finds Akshu gone. He picks the bracelet. Dadi and Akshu come home. Dadi asks her to sit in the fresh air, she will like it. She goes. Kairav comes and gives a glass of juice to Akshu. He says sorry. She says Aarohi didn’t call me, why did you lie. He says because I was missing you, it was your and Aarohi’s problem, you know how much we all suffered. She says I know. He gets emotional and cries. She wipes his glasses. She says its tough for me, you all had everyone, but I had none there, you had to take up responsibilities after mum and dad left, I also wanted to be here but couldn’t come, because of Aarohi’s hatred, you can’t understand my situation. She thinks just he can understand my situation who is with his family and still alone, who has everything and he is still incomplete. Abhimanyu comes home.

His sister comes and asks why did you get late. He says I met a baby like you in the hospital, did you complete the science project. She says no. He says this is the last time, I won’t do it again. Anand asks him to come and have food. Parth talks to his wife on call and comes to dine. Mahima asks him to come on duty sometimes. He gets upset and says I will have dinner in my room. Anand asks him to sit down. He asks what’s the use to take the degree if you don’t want to practice. Parth says I don’t want to work. Mahima says we are big surgeons, our son doesn’t want to work, Abhimanyu is Manjiri’s son, he has become a big surgeon. Parth asks her not to do the comparison. Manjiri comes and asks them to have food.

Anand says you both have handled everything for us. Mahima says my work is difficult, but Manjiri handles the house. Manjiri says I heard you saved a boy’s life in the hospital, how did you do. Mahima says let it be, its medical terms, you won’t understand. Abhimanyu says that boy loved his mum a lot, I just treated him and everything went fine. He asks Parth to sing a song.

Mahima says he is a doctor. Abhimanyu says yes, but his music is great, we already have many doctors. Manjiri asks Abhimanyu to have food, else he can faint. Abhimanyu says I can never faint because of the ghee. Mahima asks him to have healthy food. He says I like daal, baati, churma and ghee, this is heaven. Anand says put a spoon of ghee in my plate also. Mahima says stop it. Manjiri takes food to feed Abhi. Harsh comes and shouts Dr. Abhimanyu.

Harsh says you made a joke of me and came here. Anand asks what happened. Harsh says Abhimanyu did the charity surgery first and made the minister’s daughter sit for an hour, you know what he told her, we are running a hospital, not a Churan shop, we have more imp work to do, he told that to health minister’s daughter, its good that she didn’t complain to her dad, else we would have really sold churan on the roads tomorrow. He shouts on Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu sits the spoon on his plate. Harsh says don’t become like your mum, who just knows to spoil the work. Abhimanyu gets angry and gets up. Manjiri stops him. Abhimanyu goes. Akshu comes to her room. She recalls her childhood and smiles. She dreams and dances with her. Tu dhadkan mai dil…plays… She turns around and sees Aarohi’s pic.

Abhimanyu sees Manjiri out of the photoshoot. Akshu and Aarohi get their pics clicked. Aarohi taunts her. Abhimanyu brings Manjiri in the pic. Akshu says I promise, I will not come back home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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