Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhimanyu Bana Arohi Ka Doctor

everyone worrying for Aarohi and taking her to the hospital. Abhimanyu waits for Akshu. She reaches and says I have to talk to him, how long will I run. Manish says we should inform Akshu. Kairav says don’t call her, she went for imp work, she must be driving. He sees the checkpost. Constable says accident happened ahead, there is fire, you can’t go, go to some other hospital. Kairav says just Birla hospital is close. Suwarna says we will take her there. Everyone takes Aarohi to Birla hospital.

Akshu shouts Aarohi and comes there. She recalls seeing Aarohi and following the car. Vansh says its a deep cut, hold her hand, be careful. Akshu says nothing will happen to you. Aarohi holds Akshu’s hand. The man asks them to fill the form, then the treatment will start. Manish asks him to send the doctor. Kairav fills the form. They rush Aarohi. Abhimanyu says its late, where is Akshu, shall I call her, she must be driving. Akhilesh says call senior doctors. Nurse asks them to calm down, there are top doctors here. He shouts. Akshu asks him to calm down. She says bad is happening with Aarohi because of me. Kairav asks her to be strong, they have to handle the elders. She nods.

Aarohi is getting treated. Nurse says we removed the glass pieces externally, but there are few glass pieces stuck internally, we called a senior doctor to treat her, he is coming. Abhimanyu comes there. Akshu looks at him. He says don’t worry, Aarohi will get fine. Kairav says wait. Abhimanyu says I m a doctor here, you are a patient’s relative, we shall not talk anything personal here. Kairav says you are a heart surgeon, her hand is hurt. Abhimanyu says its my expertise, I can take care of any little issue, don’t worry, when I got to know about Aarohi’s accident, I came here to treat her the best, because she is my Akshu’s sister, my personal responsibility. Akshu cries. He treats Aarohi.

Mahima says I have no surgery, I will be at home. Harsh says okay, why is Manjiri silent, ask her to speak up, else her son will scold us, she always cries and made father and son enemies, such a big thing happened at Goenkas, even then she has attitude. Anand says forget it now. Mahima says yes, that alliance won’t happen now, Akshara doesn’t love Abhi, she didn’t say anything. Harsh says yes, we have nothing to do with Goenkas. Manjiri cries. Harsh gets a message. He says Aarohi met with a serious accident, she is admitted in our hospital, Abhimanyu is handling the case. Anand says we should immediately go there. They leave.

Akhilesh says we can’t trust them. Dadi says Abhimanyu won’t do wrong. He says this happened because of him. Nurse asks them to go out. He refuses. Harsh, Anand and Mahima come. Harsh asks why are you shouting. Manish says we are asking about our daughter, did your humanity die. Anand says many serious patients are admitted here, calm down. Akhilesh argues. Harsh says Abhimanyu is one of the top most surgeons, he has handled critical cases, you have no medical knowledge, you can shift your daughter. Akhilesh says yes. Anand says don’t do any drama here. They argue. Akshu prays.

Inspector Aarti comes. She asks about Aarohi’s case. Manish asks why did you call the Inspector. Harsh says its a routine matter. The man says media has come outside. Anand asks who called the media. Kairav says its a small case. Manish asks is this a suicide case, you came on Harsh’s saying. Harsh says its a routine case. Akshu asks them to stop it. Harsh scolds her. Anand scolds Kairav. Akhilesh asks is this a hospital or something. Abhimanyu comes and says enough, Aarohi’s case is critical, I don’t want any disturbance, go out and wait. Aarohi gets conscious. He says dressing is done, glass pieces are removed, take care. Anand says Aarohi is fine. Media asks about Abhimanyu’s alliance with Aarohi. Anand asks them to calm down, its just false rumours to ruin our reputation. He requests them not to give any wrong news about Aarohi. Harsh asks them to leave.

Harsh asks Aarti to meet Aarohi when she feels better. Dadi says they are not bad people, they are saving our daughter. Manish says its their duty. Dadi says its their goodness to do their duty. Abhimanyu comes and says Aarohi is fine now. Akshu cries. He looks at her. He says she is conscious, you can meet her. Harsh says good work doctor. Kairav asks when can we take her home. Abhimanyu says we will keep her for observation, I will keep a check on her, you all can go home for diwali, I will celebrate it with the staff. Anand says its okay, we will do puja and come back here. Dadi says we will also stay here. Kairav asks them to go home, he will stay. Akshu says I will stay here. Dadi says we won’t go anywhere. Anand says its okay, we will make some arrangements, Harsh make them stay in the VIP rooms. Harsh asks nurse to allot the VIP waiting rooms. Kairav says thanks for helping us even after all this happened. Abhimanyu says its my job, I will check her every hour, don’t worry. He looks at Akshu and goes.

Akshu thanks Abhimanyu. He says I do my duty or love well. Harsh says once Akshara says she likes you, then I will do your shagun. Abhimanyu says I will get her.

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