Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhimanyu Finds Out the Truth !

Abhi imagining Akshu with him. He says I used to cut off from the world this way when Harsh used to scold Manjiri in my childhood. Akshu hugs him. They play tic tac toe. Dooba dooba….plays… She makes him sleep. He smiles. Neil thinks I m not able to do anything for Abhi, Manjiri and Abhi supported me and gave me a reason to live. Harsh asks what happened, there is much work, do you have a problem with this marriage, its your brother’s marriage, you have to handle everything, nothing should go wrong. Neil says it will happen.

Harsh asks what are you saying. Parth asks what happened. Harsh says he is saying anything wrong can happen. Parth says he means that something or the other happens. Harsh says explain him to talk well. He goes. Parth asks Neil what happened. Neil hugs him. Parth asks what’s the matter, tell me.

Nishta says I know what happened, Neil is feeling insecure. Neil thinks everything will change if Aarohi comes here. Akshu gets Kairav’s calls. He messages her to pick up the call. She sits in the car and answers. Kairav asks didn’t you reach till now. Akshu says no, we have come to buy a gajra. Kairav asks Aarohi’s choice. Akshu says I don’t know what she likes. He asks what, I can’t hear you, come soon.

Aarohi says everything will be done, I will do it in the best day, Akshu won’t tell anyone, my happiness matters to her, she will never mess up. Akshu says I don’t understand what to do. Shefali comes home. She says I have seen Aarohi at the airport. Parth asks what, where will she go on the marriage day. She says yes, its shocking. He says maybe she went to receive a guest. She says no, bride won’t go for that, I have seen her at departures, we should go there and see. He says she would have left by now, just relax, mum needs your help, meet her once. He goes. Neil looks on.

Shefali says there is some matter, wrong will happen with Abhi, he is like my brother, his life will spoil. Neil says Aarohi is at the airport. Aarohi is on the way. Akshu worries for Abhi. Manish checks arrangements. Kairav asks him to relax. Servants comes to decorate Aarohi’s room. Abhi refuses and sends them. A lady sees Akshu and asks you here. Akshu says I have come to receive some guests. The lady says we shall meet in Aarohi’s wedding. Akshu says I had to lie again. Abhi prays.

Akshu gets a call from Suwarna. Suwarna asks how long will it take. Akshu says just some time. Suwarna says you girls always have something till the end. Kairav takes the phone and asks where are you, I will come to take you. Akshu says I m fine. He asks her to share things with him. She says there is nothing. He worries. She says where are you Aarohi. Neil calls Akshu and asks what are you doing here, look behind, I m here. Akshu looks behind. She asks where are you, I can’t see you. He says sorry, I m in front. She asks where. He laughs and says sorry, I was fooling you, I know you are with Aarohi. Akshu says listen to me once.

Neil goes to talk to Abhi. Harsh asks Abhi to get ready. Abhi asks for Manjiri. Harsh says listen to her message. Manjiri asks him to make Abhi ready, she will come in some time. Harsh says Manjiri will be upset that you didn’t listen to her, she will get panic attacks. Abhi gets up. Harsh asks him to change. Neil looks on. Harsh says good you have come, make Abhi ready, I don’t want any problem in this marriage. He goes. Akshu calls Aarohi. Aarohi says I m coming. Akshu gets some message.

She reads, Suwarna and Dadi are going to temple and will come to the parlour. Neil throws the sherwani. He says Aarohi might be a nice girl, but she isn’t right for you, don’t sit quiet, else you will regret all life, say something. Abhi says mum asked me to get ready. Neil says no, you can’t marry Aarohi, enough. Neil falls and puts his hand on some file. The papers fly in the air. Abhi sees the pic. Akshu says what shall I do. Abhi picks the pic and gets shocked seeing Akshu with him. Neil is also shocked. Abhi recalls Aarohi’s lie.

Abhi runs to Goenka house. Kairav and everyone don’t see him. Abhi meets Akshu. He asks her to come to sunset point, else she can’t imagine what he will do. He jumps out of the window.

Update Credit to: Amena

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