Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhimanyu Hides the Devastating News from Akshara !

The Episode starts with doctor saying Akshara will have a problem in conceiving. Abhi is shocked. She says her life might fall into danger, its difficult for her to become a mother. Akshu pacifies the baby. Doctor says even if she gets pregnant, then the complications will arise, she and her baby will be in danger, she is fine now, but she shouldn’t get pregnant. Akshu talks to the baby. Doctor asks Abhi are you okay. Abhi leaves. He sees Akshu with a baby. He steps back. Akshu turns and doesn’t see him. Abhi runs out of the hospital. He falls down and cries. He says what will I do now, we spoke about kids today, what will I tell her. Abhi recalls Akshu and their baby dreams. Mai wari javan…plays… Akshu asks did you see Abhi.

Rohan says no, your doctor left. She says maybe he got busy in work, don’t tell anyone about my accident. He says sure, I will try to call Abhi. Abhi hits the cement sacks and vents his anger. Abhi doesn’t answer. He comes back. Akshu asks where were you. He says everything is fine, are you okay. She says yes, I met a cute baby, our baby will also be cute. Vansh asks Manish not to worry. Manish says yes, I know, you both will handle everything. Vansh asks both? Kairav comes. Vansh smiles and says you are really coming back, wow, its good news. He lifts Kairav. He cleans his glasses. Everyone smiles. Dadi says Manish smiled after a long time, whatever Aarohi did. Suwarna gets Manjiri’s call and worries. She answers and asks is everything fine. Manjiri says yes, I have to tell something about Aarohi. Suwarna asks what did she do, did she call you.

Abhi brings Akshu home. He asks her to take rest. She says you look in tension. He lies in her lap. She consoles him. He says I will get hot water bag for you. He goes. She thinks why is he so scared, even I was scared, seeing the bike fallen on the road and thinking its Abhi’s bike, because we love that person so much. Dadi asks Suwarna to feed curd and sugar to Kairav. Suwarna says Aarohi is in Birla house, Manjiri asked if we will call her for Pagphere. Manish says she is dead for us. Abhi cries and worries.

He says how shall I tell this to Akshu and hurt her, when I can’t handle this pain myself, I will figure out first, the best doctor and best hospital, I m sure you will find some way, I will tell you everything when I can give you a hope and strength to handle this pain. He looks for the doctors’ info online, and calls Dr. Philip. He discusses Akshu’s case. He calls Dr. Sadhna and asks for reports. He calls Dr. Madhu.

He says this is really imp for me, please. Akshu comes and asks why are you talking to gynac. He wipes his tears. He asks her to take rest. She asks whose pregnancy has a problem. Manish recalls Aarohi and cries. Dadi says sometimes, when we cry, our heart and eyes get fine, don’t stop yourself. Manish says we worship Durga maa, I have asked Aarohi not to come home, I m an unfortunate dad, Aarohi cheated the family many times, I can’t forget that. She says parents also undergo the pain. She hugs him and consoles.

Suwarna looks on. Akshu asks what happened, is everything fine. Abhi says nothing, my medical college friend, his wife’s issue. She asks what happened. He says she can’t become a mum because of some complications, even if she conceives, then mum and baby won’t be able to survive. She says oh God, how will she feel, Naira had complications in pregnancy, the happiness and sorrow around motherhood is same in any generation, I can never tolerate such pain, I will die. He stops her. She says sorry.


Manjiri says Akshu will become a good mom. Akshu says I want our baby, Abhi. Abhi worries. Akshu uses Abhi’s laptop to send a mail. Abhi comes and thinks did she see her reports.

Update Credit to: Amena

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