Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhimanyu & His Family Send Marriage Proposal for Arohi’s Hand

Harsh saying everything is fine now, Abhi agreed to marry for Manjiri’s sake, we will get him married soon. Parth and Shefali say he told that in anger, he isn’t mentally prepared. Harsh says we should end this matter soon and get him married. Neil says we should listen to Abhi’s heart, I m not your son, but I m Abhi’s brother. Harsh gets angry. Neil says you are doing wrong. Harsh asks how dare you.

Everyone stops Harsh. Mahima says he is saying right, your decision is wrong. Abhi goes and sits with Manjiri. Harsh says you all are saying right, you mean Abhi is wrong, he will not like to marry all life, will we leave him, when he said yes now, then we should get him married. Mahima says we have two options, just give a medicine for headache or get a young guy married, we can’t do this with Abhi. Parth says give him time to get normal. Harsh says he will never get normal, we shall get him married to Aarohi. Mahima asks what. Harsh says yes. Aarohi says Abhi and I will become the best couple.

She smiles and says I will become Dr. Aarohi Birla. Parth says you aren’t doing right. Harsh says she is a nice girl, good doctor, beautiful, she will be good for the hospital and Abhi’s life. Mahima says Goenkas insulted us, why will they agree for this marriage. Anand says yes, Aarohi will talk to her family if she wants to marry Abhi. Harsh says I will talk to Aarohi. Mahima says this won’t help.

Anand says let him talk, he is right, Abhi loves Akshu, Aarohi knows this, she still wants to marry. She asks who will talk to Manish, who will tell Abhi that we want him to marry Aarohi. Anand says don’t worry, we will think, Aarohi will convince Goenkas. Neil says bro…. They see Abhi there. Mahima says Abhi won’t agree, don’t talk now. Harsh says Anand and I are fine with Aarohi, Manjiri also likes her, tell me how to proceed. Mahima says Abhi, don’t answer in a rush. Everyone asks Abhi to think well.

Abhi says I m ready to marry anyone you say. Harsh smiles and asks will you talk to Aarohi or shall I talk. Abhi says I will do. He leaves. Neil says we should have done something. Parth hugs him. Mahima says Abhi didn’t do right, I can see that this will increase the problem, if Aarohi comes in this house, then nothing will get right. Abhi goes to Aarohi. He recalls Manjiri’s words. He says you told that we should marry someone who loves us, why does this happen that we love someone and that person doesn’t care for us. FB ends. Abhi asks are you ready to marry me. Aarohi gets shocked. He says I talk straight and like such an answer, yes or no. She says yes. He says knowing that I love your sister, not you, she is my first and last love, even now… She says yes. He says I m marrying just for mum’s happiness. She says I know, we will be okay one day, I m like you, stubborn, I like to get what I want, one day I will win your love, I know what I want from this relation and how I will get it, its clear in front of me, Abhi. He says I will be Abhimanyu for you always. She says okay, I m ready. He asks sure. She says sure. He goes to Harsh and says I spoke to Aarohi, tell me when to go there. Harsh smiles.

He asks sister to help him. Aarohi comes home and says I have a big good news. Akshu says NGO kids called me here, maybe to help. She steps on a stone and falls. Abhi holds her. Os ki boonde….plays… He says I had called you here, because you won’t come on my call. Aarohi asks are you all ready, you have to prepare dance for my marriage, a guy asked me for marriage and I said yes.

Kairav asks who. She says Dr. Abhimanyu Birla. Abhi says prepare the dance, because I m getting married. Akshu looks at him. He says prepare dance on jija ji song. She asks Aarohi. He claps and says congrats. Manish says this marriage can’t happen. Aarohi says Abhi wants to marry me. Manish says you forgot how Harsh spoke to us, is this a lottery or alliance. Suwarna says yes, we have nothing to do with them now. Akhilesh says listen to Aarohi once. Manish asks why. Aarohi says I love Abhi, I want to marry him, what’s the problem. She argues with them. He says no means no. Abhi says I came to say this. He leaves. Akshu recalls him and sits crying on the road. Jaaniye….plays… Abhi stops the bike and cries. Aarohi cries at home. Abhi leaves.

Abhi and his family come home and get Aarohi’s alliance. Kairav says this relation doesn’t have love. Abhi says its an arranged marriage, fix this relation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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