Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhimanyu in LOVE !

Aarohi smiling and seeing Abhimanyu. Neil says we got an amazing location, shall we go. Abhimanyu says ask the Goenka brothers. Aarohi asks can we all come along. Neil says no. Abhimanyu says of course, will everyone come. She says we all will come. She collides with Neil and apologizes. She goes. Neil says she broke my phone. Abhimanyu says its fine, you will get a new one. Neil says not even real brother would do so much for me. Abhimanyu says its nothing like that, you will always be my brother. They hug.

Akshu smiles seeing them hug and says I wish Aarohi could understand this. Manjiri calls Suwarna. She asks did your granddaughter go to mask festival. Suwarna says yes, why. Manjiri says I just to know that my son and your granddaughter are staying in the same resort, they got friendly. Suwarna says its good, we are going there tomorrow. Manjiri says meet my son there. Dadi says I met him already at the hospital. Manjiri says tell me how did you find my son. Suwarna says okay. Manjiri says Dr. Aarohi will come in my house and change Abhi’s life.

Akshu takes selfies. She says you have come. She asks Abhimanyu to smile. He says I m smiling. Neil says I didn’t see his smile since childhood. Akshu clicks his pic. She teaches how to smile. He laughs hearing her. She clicks his pics. Neil says its first time this happened. He thanks Akshu. She goes. Neil says I saw you laughing for the first time. Aarohi asks what’s this nonsense.

Vansh tells about the famous stories of lovers, that inspires people. Aarohi says love is victory, one who should be equal to you in everything. She thinks I found my love, I will win him and live with him. Kairav asks them to come. Abhimanyu asks Akshu what does she think about love. Akshu says love is music for me, it touches heart, one has to love own self and then we can find love. He asks what’s more imp, finding yourself or someone finding you. She says I don’t know actually. He smiles.

Manjiri says I have to talk something. Mahima says we just came from the hospital, why so much sweets today. Manjiri says I have a good news, Suwarna called me, she wants Abhi’s hand for her granddaughter. Harsh says don’t forget what I said. Mahima says you could have told us later if everything is decided. Her son asks what’s your problem, Manjiri just got a call. Mahima scolds him.

Manjiri says I didn’t decide anything, I thought to talk to you all. Mahima says even Harsh knows it, I decide everything, I know nothing about this. Harsh says marriage didn’t happen. Anand says don’t drag the matter, tell me about the girl. Manjiri says she is Goenkas’ granddaughter. Mahima recalls Akshu. She says if they call again, then tell me, I will talk to them, trust me, I will handle. Harsh says we all will handle it together.

Abhimanyu and Akshu see the lovers names on the tree. He says this love ends so soon, that’s why I hate love, but now… I m a doctor, I have a habit to stay in control, since I came here, everything is happening strange, there is someone to whom I m getting attracted, someone has become my weakness, I also wish to fall in love, trust me on this, I m out of control, I like to write her name here. Vansh calls them. She turns to go. Abhimanyu writes on the tree and says Akshara. She stops and looks at him. She goes. He writes A, A in the heart. He thinks Akshara, Abhimanyu. Jaaniye….plays… Akshu and Aarohi think of him. He runs to the ghat. He falls down the stairs. He says how can I fall in love with Akshara. He shouts I love you Akshara. She turns.

Vansh says Neil said we will go to wish well today. Kairav says ask for food. They laugh. Abhimanyu hides and sees Akshu coming. She sees him. He thinks shall I tell her. She runs away. Vansh says food items are less. Neil says just 100. Vansh asks what will you wish Kairab, except Aarohi and Akshu’s happiness. Neil says I heard that true lovers can get their love if they wish for. Abhimanyu and Akshu come to have food. Dadi and Suwarna come. They see Abhimanyu. Suwarna says its Lord’s plan to make them meet. Aarohi looks at him.

Akshu falls down. Abhimanyu asks her to sing. Aarohi gets angry. Dadi asks them to make a wish. Aarohi, Abhimanyu and Akshu make a wish. Akshu wishes Aarohi gets whatever she wants.

Update Credit to: Amena

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