Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhimanyu ka Hal-e- Dil

Suwarna asking everyone to make a wish. Kairav wishes for his sisters. Neil’s coin falls. Dadi says its fine, coin has fallen in the waters, you can make a wish. Neil says I don’t want anything, I got a good family and such a great brother, what else do I need. He asks Abhimanyu to make a wish. Dadi asks Akshu and Aarohi to make a wish and come. Aarohi throws the wish and prays to get Abhinmanyu.

She thinks I want Abhimanyu, he is my prayer and also stubbornness. He thinks I want to make Akshara my love, give me Akshara. Akshu prays for Aarohi. She thinks I have strange feelings, but I feel good, you handle everything. Vansh says Neil, see you soon, we had much fun. Neil asks Abhimanyu to come. Abhimanyu goes. Akshu says I m so excited to go home. Aarohi asks what did you wish.

Akshu says so that everyone stays happy. Aarohi says I will tell what I wished for, because my wishes never get fulfilled, I wished for dad’s long life, for mum’s stay with us, for your leaving, nothing got fulfilled, if my wish today doesn’t get fulfilled, then I will lose faith on my fate, you regard me your family, right, I know you wish good for the family. She goes. Akshu cries. She makes a wish. She says I don’t want anything, just give whatever my sister wants.

Everyone arrives in Udaipur. Abhimanyu drives alongside Kairav’s car. He smiles seeing Akshu. Aarohi sees him and smiles. Vansh says our ways are different now, bro, you go that way. Kairav asks what happened, did we forget anything. Abhmanyu says I forgot something. He takes Dadi’s blessings. Dadi blesses him. She invites him home. He says I will come soon. Abhimanyu comes home. He happily runs. He recalls the last time he came inside with a fake time. He thinks I m happy, Akshu is the reason for this happiness.

Manish asks how was the trip. Everyone says really good. Akhilesh says it would be good to meet new people and stay in new places. Akshu and Aarohi think of Abhimany. Vansh asks what are you hiding. Dadi says nothing. Manish says I think you came tired, go and freshen up. Kairav and all go. Akhilesh asks did you meet the guy. Kairav says something is cooking. Dadi says yes, I wanted to tell you, the guy is really good, handsome and smart, he is sincere and good-valued. Suwarna says yes, he has something in him, he has no ego. Manish says call him home. Dadi says I invited him, he may come. He asks don’t they like the alliance. Suwarna says Manjiri will call soon, her phone is off now. Dadi says Abhimanyu will become our Damaad.

Abhimanyu comes to Manjiri. She finishes the prayers. She thanks Kanha for bringing Radha in her Kanha’s life. He asks how do you know. She says I know it, someone else has control on your heart now. He says I have to talk to you, come. Akshu keeps her clothes back. She thinks finally, I m back in my family forever. She thinks of Abhimanyu. She says he is different. Aarohi thinks of him and says I have to become talented like him. Akshu says we have to stay together now, we will stay well. Aarohi says we will try. Akshu hugs her. Aarohi goes. Akshu says this pain won’t go so soon.

Abhimanyu recalls Akshu and tells Manjiri about her. Manjiri recalls Aarohi. She asks what does he do. He says she is a doctor of heart, she can do such things which I can’t do, it doesn’t get known when love happens, I got a reason to live my life. She says I got my new Abhi. He gives her the grains. She says Radha has sent this. He smiles. She says you got shagun. She asks him to call her. He says I will call, I m a donkey, I didn’t take her number. Manjiri says people take numbers first and then fall in love, you forgot this. He says its first time for me, I will get the number, you know who can do this. He goes. Manjiri says listen to me, your alliance talks started with Aarohi already. She smiles.

Abhimanyu calls Akshu and says I was missing you. She says me too. He sings Ishq wala love. Akshu goes for the interview. She sees a kid hurt. Neil says your medical checkup reports have come, this time, there is a serious problem. Mahima looks at Akshu and says I wanted such a wife for Abhimanyu, she is Manjiri’s shadow. Harsh sees Aarohi and says she isn’t like Manjiri, so she is a perfect Birla bahu. Akshu falls in Abhimanyu’s arms. Aarohi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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