Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhimanyu Ka ‘I Love You’ : Arohi ki Jealousy

Akshara singing and dancing with everyone. Radhe teri chunri….plays… Abhimanyu dances with the girls. Aarohi looks for him. Abhimanyu looks for Akshu. Aarohi hears his voice when he says sorry. Kairav stops her and asks her to have water. Abhimanyu dances with Aarohi. Aarohi goes and Akshu comes in front of him. The music stops. Kairav gets Manish’s call. He says yes, Vansh is with me. Vansh and Kairav go. The man asks everyone to remove their ghunghat and mask, and see each other. Akshu lifts her ghunghat. Abhimanyu removes the mask. They see each other. Aarohi and Neil see each other. They argue.

Aarohi sees Akshu with Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu smiles seeing Akshu. Aarohi goes. The man says jodis are made, now there won’t be any curtain, just dance. Aarohi says this can’t happen, how could he, I have to become Abhi’s Radha, how can Akshu come between us. Dadi and Suwarna are in the ashram. Suwarna says Akhilesh had called, Manish and Akhilesh want us to find guys for Akshu and Aarohi. Dadi says right, we should find guys for them. Suwarna says I heard about Birla’s son, Dr. Abhimanyu Birla will be right for Akshu, I will call Manjiri for Akshara. Dadi says yes, it will be really good.

Abhimanyu and Akshu dance. Tose naina lage….plays… Everyone claps. Aarohi looks on. Akshu thinks what’s happening, Abhimanyu and I, Radha Krishna. Aarohi gets angry and goes. Akshu says its a strange feeling. Abhimanyu washes his face and says why do I find her when she is away, what’s our relation. She says we have no relation, why does fate bring us together, I should go. He asks is she feeling the same thing and thinking about me. Vansh says its a loot ritual, one has to race and reach the wheat grains first to loot it. Kairav asks was it fun. Akshu nods. Neil says you danced well. Abhimanyu smiles. Neil says you smiled, we will play this game now. Abhimanyu says we will take the wheat for mum. Akshu looks for Aarohi.

Kairav says she is already there for the race, you also go. Akshu and Abhimanyu also go for the race. Aarohi thinks I have to come first, I can’t lose. Everyone races. Aarohi reaches first and takes the grains in her dupatta. She turns back to run. Akshu and Abhimanyu reach there and take the grains. Akshu runs back. Abhimanyu looks for her. He sees Akshu donating the grains to the poor. Akshu says I had seen you when I was running, why did you hide, you should have come there, its prasad. The man says guard would have beaten us and made us leave. Akshu says its fine, Lord has sent blessings and prasad to you. Abhimanyu says Annapurna, just like mum. She says I will get more.

Abhimanyu comes and donates the grains. She smiles. The kid says you both looked like Radha Krishna when you danced. Akshu says you didn’t take grains for your house. He says one has to distribute it. She says Aarohi would have won, she will get blessings for my house, you take this home. She gives some grains. Jaaniye….plays…. Aarohi gets the trophy. Abhimanyu thinks I lost to you, you won me Akshara. Suwarna calls Manjiri. She says I m Suwarna Goenka. Manjiri says everyone knows Goenka, how did you call. Suwarna says we want your son and our granddaughter to get married, our Akshara… Manjiri doesn’t hear the name. Suwarna says I was saying. The temple bell sounds get loud.

Manjiri says I will talk to Abhimanyu and call you. She says Abhi said he met a Goenka girl, is she the same. She calls Abhimanyu. He says the girl who won this has given me this grains, I didn’t see such a girl till now, she is different. Aarohi comes. He asks Manjiri to meet Aarohi. Manjiri says you look good, I m glad to meet you. Aarohi asks them to continue the talks. The call ends. He says battery went down, when will I tell mum about Akshara. Manjiri says its a miracle, Abhi got an alliance from Goenkas, he likes their granddaughter, Dr. Aarohi Goenka. Abhimanyu says Akshara…. He smiles seeing Akshu.

Abhimanyu says someone makes my heart beats faster. He shouts I love you Akshara. Akshu gets a panic attack. He asks her to relax and sing. She falls in his arms. Aarohi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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