Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhimanyu ki Dil Ki Baat !

Abhimanyu seeing Aarohi sitting for the rasam. He sees her name on the betel leaf. He gets shocked. Manjiri asks him to come. Mahima smiles. Harsh asks Abhimanyu to come. Manjiri says I m very happy today, I always wished my Abhi to stay happy, he got his happiness today, I was sure that Abhi and my choice will be the same, because we understand each other, I can still hear his heartbeat, right. Abhimanyu cries and looks at Akshu. Manjiri asks what are you doing, come, make her wear the bangle. Abhimanyu says this can’t happen. She asks what. He says this tilak can’t happen, I love Akshara, not Aarohi.

Everyone is shocked. He says this is the truth, I love Akshara and want to marry her. Aarohi cries. He holds Akshara’s hand and says I love you Akshu. Manjiri asks what are you saying. He says this is my choice, my happiness. She asks how. He says we love each other, right Akshu, please say something, am I saying anything wrong, you know this, right, you also felt that I felt for you, you have seen my love for you. Akshu sees Aarohi and cries.

Harsh asks what are you saying, we came here to get your relation fixed with Dr. Aarohi. Abhimanyu says let me clear the confusion, I m talking to my Akshu. He asks Akshu to tell them, these bangles are just for her, not for anyone else. The bangle falls down. Akshu picks it and keeps it there. He asks her to listen. Manish asks what’s happening. Kairav says let me talk, tell me what is it. Abhimanyu says I told that I love Akshu, trust me, I didn’t wish to hurt anyone, so I m saying the truth. He asks Akshu to say the truth to end this confusion, please. Anand says fine, calm down.

Manish says your son is saying he loves Akshu. Harsh says your daughter isn’t saying anything. Abhimanyu says until Akshu says something… Kairav says her name is Akshara Goenka. He scolds Abhimanyu. He says you have cheated both my sisters and played with their emotions. Abhimanyu shouts wait a min, Kairav, you love your family name and reputation, I m not any loafer, I know respecting women, I didn’t play with their feelings, I love Akshu, I never cheated Aarohi, I never said I like her. Kairav says your actions… Abhimanyu asks what did I say or do. Manjiri asks him to let them talk. He asks when did I get an alliance for Aarohi. Manjiri says you made me talk to her on call. Akhilesh says you asked us about Aarohi’s alliance. Abhimanyu says I got the alliance for Akshu, not Aarohi.

He says okay, I will try to explain, when I heard about Akshara’s voice for the first time, I got pulled towards her and ran to see her, I met her, I fell in love with her. Aarohi gets angry. Akshu says when I took Dadi’s blessings, I told Akshu that I will come soon, I told you that I tell my feelings clearly, so I came to talk about the alliance, that night when you came to ask me why I m worried, I lied to you, I was worried, I had Akshu’s bracelet, I didn’t know its of her, it was a sign of that voice, I didn’t give it to her knowing it belongs to her, I asked Akshu to sing, I told her that its my mum’s fav song, I prayed to wish to get Akshu at the Iccha Kund. Mahima says if Abhimanyu likes Akshu, then why did you talk about Aarohi, couldn’t you understand his feelings.

Manish asks what’s this confusion, when we talked about Akshara’s alliance. They ask what. Manish says Akshu is the elder daughter, we had sent her alliance, when you showed Aarohi’s name, then we found our happiness in your happiness, now your son is saying he loves Akshu, is this a joke. Aarohi hears Kairav’s words. Harsh ask why did you clear the matter. Manish says we thought you wanted a doctor bahu.

Harsh asks what’s happening. Manjiri says you made me talk to Aarohi and said the girl is a doctor. Abhimanyu says Akshu is my heart’s doctor, I was going to tell Akshu’s name, Aarohi came from behind so I introduced her to you, she is Akshu’s sister, so she doesn’t feel bad. He says Dadi I told you already. Vansh says Aarohi can’t be foolish that Abhimanyu doesn’t love her. Abhimanyu says she got mistaken, but I want to know why. He asks Aarohi what is his mistake behind her misunderstanding, what did he say or do that she felt he loves her. He asks her to please tell him.

Abhimanyu asks Akshu to not be silent and tell her feelings. She stays silent and cries. He says you proved me love, but I m no wrong, I loved you, I didn’t make any mistake.

Update Credit to: Amena

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