Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhimanyu Meets Akshara

Abhimanyu coming to Neil and asking him to unlock the phone. Neil asks why do you want it. Parth and Misha tease Abhimanyu. Manjiri comes. Abhimanyu says I don’t want the phone. He goes. She says he wants Aarohi’s number. Neil says oh, Aarohi, what, don’t tell this to anyone in the house, give him the number. Neil goes to Abhimanyu and says you didn’t tell me, like you always used to tell, you didn’t tell me that you are in love, I m not your own brother. Abhimanyu says don’t say this. Neil says sorry, I was acting. Abhimanyu asks for number. Neil says I think its wrong number, you may take.

Aarohi charges her phone. She says I forgot my charger in the hotel. Akshu says its fine, you can use mine, I will get another one. Abhimanyu says am I hurrying, if she feels bad, she also didn’t put any pic on DP, I also don’t put. He messages… Hi, the trip was good, if you are free, then can I call, I have to talk something imp. Akshu says this phone… She plays guitar. Abhimanyu waits. He calls. Akshu says don’t know where did Aarohi go. She gets up. He says its me, Abhimanyu Birla. Aarohi says you….

He thinks Neil is stupid to give me her number. He says sorry, I should have called before messaging, please the messages. She says don’t worry. He says sorry to bother you. She asks how are you. He says good, how are you. She says fine, how did you call. He says I thought to give group pics to everyone, add everyone in the group. She says don’t worry, I will add everyone. She ends call and says he found my number and called, it means he likes me. Manjiri messages Harsh… Abhi likes Aarohi Goenka, talk to him.

Harsh replies I will see. He says I will see the interns. Mahima thinks I will take Akshara’s intern. Anand says don’t worry, I will make interns doctors. Abhimanyu gets a message. He goes. Harsh looks at him and says Aarohi.

Suwarna says Manjiri’s phone is still off. Dadi says how can someone switch off phone, give me number of Manjiri’s husband. Suwarna says no, we should not look desperate. Manish says we will wait for one day and then ask their decision, their son is a doctor, but our girls are no less. Suwarna says Akshu and Aarohi have interviews tomorrow, Akshu at the NGO and Aarohi at Birla hospital. Dadi says yes, its fate, if there is delay in any good thing, then it will happen better. Abhimanyu calls Akshu. She answers. He says hi, I m Abhimanyu. Pehla pehla pyaar….plays….

He says I was missing this trip a lot. She says me too. They smile. He says I was thinking about someone. She says oh, okay. He asks won’t you ask who. She asks who. He thinks of her words and says methi. She asks methi. He says your methi remedy. She says I have many remedies for everything, Aarohi told me that surgeons get neck pain, I have a remedy for that. She tells the remedy. He smiles hearing her. He says I liked a girl in this trip. She smiles. Aarohi thinks to message him.

Abhimanyu asks won’t you ask her name. He says I can also hear silence, what happened, why did you get silent, talk to me. Aarohi is coming to the room. Akshu says I m feeling sleeping, so bye. She disconnects. He says I have lost my sleep and peace. He imagines Akshu and his romance. Akshu also thinks of him. He sings Ishq wala love…. Aarohi thinks of him.

Akshu thinks what will happen tomorrow in the interview. Its morning, Neil comes and says your medical reports have come, this time, sometimes is serious. Abhimanyu says it looks normal. He sees A on his heart. Neil jokes. He asks whose name can it be. He runs. Abhimanyu smiles. He says I have to tell her. Akshu and Aarohi get ready. Aarohi thinks my internship will happen with Birlas. Akshu thinks why did Mahima call me. She says all the best. Aarohi says you have to become the best, I m already the best. Akshu thinks I m not so bad. Aarohi thinks to impress Harsh. Akshu thinks to meet Mahima.

Aarohi asks Abhimanyu to come home. Manjiri says I want a doctor bahu for Abhi. Abhi tells Mahima about Akshu. He meets Goenkas. He says I like your daughter, and want to marry her. Kairav asks who, Akshara or Aarohi?

Update Credit to: Amena

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