Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhimanyu Saves Akshara’s Life

Abhi getting back. Manish asks Aarohi to say. Akshu takes a breath. Mahima says you did it, she is stable. Abhi sits crying. Harsh says she is fine. Kairav thanks Lord. Neil hugs him. Aarohi hugs Kairav. They cry. Harsh thinks I wish Akshu stays fine, don’t know when she will get away from my son and family. Mahima asks Abhi to go, she will get Akshu shifted to ward. Harsh says she will be shifted to ward soon, come. Aarohi says I will stay here. Harsh asks her to come. Abhi cries recalling Akshu. Aarohi gets Dadi’s call. She goes.

Kairav asks why did Abhi do this operation, we know that doctors don’t operate on those they love, I mean loved ones, why did he do this operation, Aarohi is also a doctor, did you see her state. Mahima comes and says you are saying right, its said that doctors don’t operate on family, but its not a rule, Abhi is a good doctor, we should be happy that he is family, Abhi has saved Akshu’s life, that’s the truth, take care of her, we are shifting her to ward, you can meet her.

Aarohi thinks Akshu is fine, everything will be fine. Abhi prays. He dreams of Akshu burning and shouts. He cries and prays. He says its fine if she isn’t in my fate, but she should be safe, alive and happy, I will stay happy seeing her happy, nothing should happen to her and her voice, if anything happens to Akshu, then I will ask your answer. He keeps his hand on the diya. Aarohi’s name gets erased. He turns and sees Akshu. He goes to hold her hand. He takes care of her. Jaaniye…plays… Neil looks on. Aarohi, Manish and Kairav are coming to the room. Neil says Lord should show the truth of their love to everyone, Abhi can’t stay without Akshu.

Abhi asks Akshu to see her nails. Neil says he can’t see her broken nail, its his true love, I wish everyone gets such love, unite them. Abhi says I will get painkiller. Manish comes in. Abhi says she is better. He goes. Neil stops Abhi. Abhi says I have a right to take care of her.

Neil asks by what right will you go to her, show your right then. Aarohi says Akshu is out of danger. Dadi thanks Lord. Suwarna says take care of her. Aarohi says yes, we are with her. Kairav thinks I can’t see my sisters in pain. Aarohi says Akshu will get conscious till morning, I will stay here to monitor. Mahima says no, I m here, go home. Aarohi says I will stay.

Mahima says no, she is in critical care, you have to go. Manish says we won’t go home. Aarohi says please let us stay. Mahima says you don’t understand, her vocal cords are affected, don’t make her talk. She sends them. She says there is another reason, Abhi should be with Akshu now. Abhi comes and asks where did everyone go. She says I have sent them, she needs a doctor, shall I stay or will you stay. He says I will stay. She says fine, call me if you need help. She goes. Abhi holds Akshu’s hand. Maine socha bhi na tha…..plays…. Aarohi sees Akshu’s pic and gets sad. Abhi says someone else’s name couldn’t stay on my hand, why do you want me to marry someone else, why can’t we unite. He cries. She opens eyes and says you…

Akshu asks Aarohi the answer. Neil says congrats, you will get married tomorrow. Aarohi says I will give the exam. Akshu thinks one wrong decision will complicate three lives.

Update Credit to: Amena

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