Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhimanyu’s Family Introduced

Akshu singing O Kanha…. Abhimanyu runs on the roads to find her. He reaches the ghat and finds her singing. She sees the alarm, angel’s time. She says good time always comes. She goes. Abhimanyu looks for her. He gets her bracelet there. Akshu stops. Dil se bandhi….plays…. She turns and leaves. She gets Harshvardhan’s call. Harsh is at the hospital. He talks to the staff. He asks for Abhimanyu.

A boy refuses to undergo the operation. Harsh says give him anesthesia and perform the operation, then send him, he isn’t Abhimanyu’s patient now. Abhimanyu comes to the hospital in Yamraj’s disguise. He says I have come to take the kid who is a coward, are you the coward, you look brave, if you defeat me, then I will not take you, do you want to come with me. He acts to fall down when the boy hits. He says the boy has won over Yamraj, not even my dad can take you anywhere now, you got another lifeline, go for the operation now. The boy asks his mum to call the doctor.

Abhimanyu says patient’s will is necessary for a complicated surgery, prepare him, I will get ready and come. Harsh says Ruby is waiting for you. Abhimanyu says anyone can give you acidity medicines. Harsh says she is a daughter of the health minister. Abhimanyu says I have an imp surgery today. Harsh scolds him. Abhimanyu argues. He says I m imp for your business, Sir. He goes. Akshu comes home. Kairav says her phone is off. Akshu says I m here. Dadi says we were so worried. Akshu says sorry, smile now. Kairav asks where is Aarohi. Akshu says she will come, don’t worry.

Manish says it means she didn’t get convinced, stop tolerating her misbehavior. Akshu asks shall I lose, if Naira lost, then you would have not got your son and daughter, Aarohi is intelligent, but weak in love maths, she called me here herself this time, right. She sees Kairav. She says fine, it doesn’t matter if she didn’t call me, everything is fine, I will go and rest. Vansh says you have an interview also. She says I will go later. He says don’t let your work suffer. Manish says he is right.

Akhilesh says yes, let work and family go along together. She says fine, I will give the interview. Dadi says I will come with you, we will go to the temple and eat chaat also. They leave. Kairav says sorry Akshu, I had to lie and call you. Vansh says its okay, she is sensible. Kairav says don’t know who will make things fine between them. Abhimanyu performs the operation. Harsh asks his brother to explain Abhimanyu. Uncle says this hospital needs us equally, Abhimanyu did it right, every patient is treated differently, I m proud of him. He asks Abhimanyu how was it. Abhimanyu says excellent, I m following as you taught me. He goes. Mahima says you should use Abhimanyu’s Yamraj drama for PR. Harsh says this hospital is on the top because of my PR skills. She says its because of the top surgeons. Uncle says she means about me, we will go and attend the media conference, go and see the NGO project. He leaves.

Harsh says you are always behind him, despite your achievements, I know you would be feeling bad. He goes. Aarohi checks Abhimanyu’s profile and says he is pretty hot, I have to meet him once. Akshu says music therapy can treat many ailments, I wanted to try to heal some people at your NGO. Mahima says you know who I m, I m a doctor, I studied medical since 16 years of age, I had practiced for years, I m one of the top heart surgeons, you think you will learn guitar for four days and get equal to me.

Akshu says sorry, I didn’t mean that, music relieves stress. Mahima says you people born in rich homes don’t know struggles, do you even know what is pain, did you cry for anyone, has someone ever hurt you, you have made social work a joke. Akshu recalls Sirat’s death and Aarohi’s words. Mahima asks her to leave.

Akshu says I don’t have a habit to waste time and coffee, many people don’t get as much as we leave in our plates, I left my Dadi at the temple, it doesn’t mean that one who has everything doesn’t know the feeling of pain, thanks, you are a heart specialist, you would have seen hearts of poor and rich, what’s the difference, nothing, sorry to give you a reply. She goes. She feels breathless again.

Dadi sees her and gets worried. Akshu hugs her. Dadi asks what happened. Akshu tells what Mahima said. Aarohi is on the way. She says I will meet Abhimanyu today. Dadi says get married and settle down Akshu, I have prayed that Ram sends some nice guy for you. The doctor asks Abhimanyu to see Rupy, else Harsh will fire him. Abhimanyu says go, I will come. Dadi gets Akshu to Birla hospital. Aarohi also comes there.

Dadi asks for the doctor. Abhimanyu falls over Akshu. Dil se bandhi…plays… Harsh comes home and scolds Abhimanyu.

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