Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhimanyu’s Surprise B’day Party ; Akshu Searches for Khera !

The Episode starts with Abhi saying its good, Akshu left, we can plan the surprise well. Manjiri says yes. Parth asks him to call Kairav and Vansh. Abhi says they wanted to come, I will call them. Akshu leaves. Aarohi says why was she so eager to meet Guru ji, and why did she take the medical file, something is wrong. She follows Akshu. She says which way is she going, she isn’t going to meet Guru ji.

Akshu prays to find Kunal Khera. Aarohi says how can I miss her. Kairav helps Abhi make the cake. Neil says we all are making the cake. Manjiri says we have to cut the cake today itself. Neil says you are saying this for the 27th time. Abhi sings and dances. Parth says we shall focus on the cake. Neil jokes. Abhi also jokes.

Vansh asks who did this, you spoiled the cake. Kairav says Abhi made this heart. Vansh says you are a heart specialist, it doesn’t mean you make a heart anywhere, guitar doesn’t have a heart. Abhi says let me focus on icing. His hand shakes. He says I m not able to do even this. Kairav says you have done a lot, your hand didn’t shake. Abhi says maybe hand got tired. Kairav says yes, don’t focus on what you couldn’t do, you did a lot, think of that. Abhi says I will be careful. Vansh says doctor’s handwriting is bad, Akshu married you knowing this, she won’t be upset for the cake. Abhi writes happy birthday Akshu. Neil and Vansh say not bad at all. They laugh.

Aarohi says I don’t understand where she went. Akshu recalls Abhi. She prays to Kanha ji. Abhi says its done. Kairav says thanks Abhi for loving my sister so much. Abhi says you are making me emotional. Kairav asks is Anisha coming. He says you know how is it with sisters, she gets upset if I don’t call, and when she is busy when I call, didn’t you talk to her. Kairav says I do talk to her, I just asked.

Akshu comes to the Dargah. The man says Dargah is closed now, you can’t go in, it will open at 8pm now. She says I heard people visit in the day time also. She asks about Kunal. He says yes, he is a doctor, he comes here every year this day. She asks did he come in the morning. He says no, he always comes at night. She thanks God. She says I have to convince Dr. Kunal Khera for Abhi’s surgery. Aarohi looks on and says oh, she has come to meet Kunal, the miracle doctor for Abhi’s hand, no Akshu, I won’t let this happen, whatever it takes. Akshu says I will do this, whatever it takes.

Its night, The dargah opens. Akshu goes in. Akshu gets Abhi’s message, when will you come back. She replies, soon. Maula maule…plays…. Aarohi looks on. Abhi gets ready and packs a gift. Akshu asks for Kunal. The man says Kunal never missed this date, its baba’s wish. He goes. She prays and ties a mannat thread. Aarohi removes the thread. Abhi practices playing the guitar. He says its not happening, don’t know what will I do. Vansh says we will hide when Akshu comes, it’s a big house.

Manjiri says we will make preparations until she comes. Kairav says we will decorate well. Manish asks for Abhi. Kairav says he went to his room to take rest. Manish asks how is he now. She says there is a little problem, but he has made his heart strong, he is forgetting his sorrow and finding happiness in Akshu’s happiness. Neil and Manjiri ask about Aarohi, is she upset. Akhilesh says no. Suwarna says we should be happy that Abhi forgot his problem and did so much for Akshu.

Manish says he is sensible. Kairav says I will call Akshu. Akshu says call Aarohi also. Kairav goes to call. Shefali says Abhi might be ready, Neil go and see him. Parth says he is practicing singing, he is working hard. Akshu gets Kairav’s message and says why is he calling at this time. Aarohi also gets a message, where are you. Akshu and Aarohi make excuses to him. Anand says we shall go, Abhi has kept a party for Akshu.

Rohan says I know, Abhi asked me to distribute sweets to the staff. Harsh gives some money in the envelope for Akshu. He says give this to Akshu, tell her, its from my side, buy anything she wants. Anand says sure, I will tell her that you gave her as a blessing. Harsh says thanks. They smile.

Abhi says if I can’t celebrate Akshu’s birthday well, then, don’t think much, I have to do it. He comes downstairs. Manish says I heard you worked hard for Akshu. Abhi says I have tried well, now hope for the best. Parth says Abhi has worked hard. Abhi calls Akshu. She answers. She says sorry, I couldn’t take your video call, there is poor network here. He says yes, are you in any dargah.

Aarohi asks who are you finding. Akshu says Dr. Kunal Khera. Kunal passes by. Akshu comes home. Everyone surprises Akshu. Akshu and Abhi dance with everyone in the party. Akshu thinks I wish I could also surprise you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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