Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhinav Calms Akshu !

The Episode starts with Muskaan telling the family about Akshu and Abhinav. Muskaan says she has to keep account of money. Kairav feels bad and goes. Dadi says one who is wise is a queen. She wards off Akshu’s bad sight. Muskaan says Akshu also does this. Dadi says I want to talk to them and see them, call Akshu right away. Manish calls Akshu. Dadi asks Akshu to come and meet her on her birthday, else she will come to her house. She asks her to come before she dies. She cries. Akshu says Udaipur, how shall I go there. Abhi and Aarohi bring Ruhi to Goenka house. They get happy. Abhi greets them. Aarohi hugs them.

Ruhi says I had gone to submit the school project. Abhi checks Dadi. Dadi jokes and says I m fine. Ruhi says kachori is made, right. They say yes. Abhi sees Muskaan. Muskaan recalls Akshu’s words. Manish says she is Muskaan, she is Abhinav’s sister. Aarohi sees Abhinav tensed. Ruhi and Aarohi meet Muskaan. Abhi acts and greets. Kairav looks on.

Akshu sees her clothes kept outside the bathroom and says how did I forget it, I hope Abhir and Abhinav didn’t come back home, I will go and see. She calls them out to check. Abhinav is using earplugs. He sings. He asks where are you, Akshara ji. He sees her clothes kept there. He passes the clothes to her. He turns away. She opens the door and takes it. The towel gets stuck. He helps her. Neela comes home and smiles seeing him. He jokes. She asks him to do something naughty. He asks her to see her age and talk. He says don’t talk bad things and spoil kids. She says I m going, wait, I had made laddoos for Abhir, feed it to him, do something. She goes.

Akshu comes. Abhinav sees her. He says Neela liked my job, sorry. She says I m sorry, I forgot the clothes. He asks how, this never happened before, we four stay together, you, Abhir, me and our limit, how did you forget it today. She says Dadi called and invited us to Udaipur on her birthday. He says you aren’t able to decide, you want to go there or not.

He says you have to decide you want to go there or not. Suwarna says Muskaan got a job here. Dadi says she will stay here. Aarohi says congrats. Muskaan says thanks, I told that I will stay in a hostel. Manish says you have your house here. Aarohi says tell us if you need anything, we stay nearby. Abhi says yes. Aarohi looks at them.

Abhir asks Abhinav and Akshu did they have any fight. They say no way. Abhir says I know elders also fight, feed this chocolate to each other and prove that you had no fight. She scolds him. They feed the chocolate to Abhir and laugh. Abhir goes. Dadi calls Akshu and insists her to come. She says you have to come when I die. Akshu cries. Abhi thinks why didn’t Muskaan tell that she met me, does that mean that she knows about me and Akshu’s past, its good she didn’t say, does Abhinav also know, Abhir… I had called Abhinav for jam. Akshu cries and talks to Abhinav. Manish consoles Dadi. Aarohi hears Dadi wishing to see Akshu.

She goes to Muskaan. She asks shall I help. Muskaan says no, thanks. Aarohi says govt job is rare. Muskaan says it has much value in small towns, Akshu told me a lot about you all. Aarohi asks what did she say. Muskaan says you are smart, topper and a brilliant doctor. Aarohi cries and asks how is Akshu, is she happy and settled. Muskaan says yes, she is happy, settled and satisfied, I m going to call home, will you talk to her. Aarohi says no, later, I will go home. She leaves. Abhinav asks Akshu to remove the burden off shoulders.

Ruhi cries and says the kids are saying you aren’t my dad. Abhi sees her gone and looks for her. Akshu gets a call from Abhir’s school and rushes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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