Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhir Covers Up His Illness !

The Episode starts with Abhinav saying I don’t want anything if you are with me. Akshu smiles. She sits on the swing. He pushes the swing. Chalte chalte….plays… She falls. He holds her. They have an eyelock. She holds him too. They close eyes and get close. Abhir faints. They hear the sound and turn to see. They see Abhir and run to him. They worry and ask what happened to him. She sprinkles water. She shouts open eyes, we are here, Abhir. Abhir opens eyes.

She thanks Kanha ji. Abhinav takes Abhir inside. He asks why did he faint. Neela says weather changes make a kid weak, this happened to Muskaan also, don’t worry. Abhinav says he fainted in Udaipur temple also, we will take him to hospital tomorrow. He asks why do you faint. Abhir says its my style. They care for him. Abhinav jokes.

Abhinav hugs Abhir and says you are our sun and moon. Abhir says I have my super Papa. Akshu says we will play board games at home, no need to play football. Abhir says please, I will sleep early, I want to play. She says fine, play if you feel fine, no need to tire yourself. Abhinav says you tell us if you feel unwell. Abhir jokes. Abhinav cries and hugs him. Akshu says don’t worry, nothing happened to him. He says I will never let it happen, its his match tomorrow, we have to be pay more attention. She says we are going with him, don’t worry. They see the swing.

Its morning, Shefali talks to Shivansh on call. Parth comes and says mom called me for hospital matter, how long will we stay like this, I know I did wrong, I m sorry, we should move on. She says its hard for one who gets beaten up, and its harder to forgive. He says okay, but what about Shivansh, I m ready to change myself and do anything for his sake.

Aarohi says he is emotionally manipulating her. Abhi says wait and watch, she needs courage, not support, she will handle it. Shefali makes Parth’s hand away and says don’t touch me. Akshu makes kada. She says I will call and ask Suwarna. Surekha answers and talks to Akshu. Akshu says I want to talk to Suwarna. Surekha says Abhi and Aarohi’s engagement happened yesterday, they were happy, are you okay. Akshu says I m very happy.

Surekha says wow, you got mature, I will send pics to you. Manish comes and takes the phone. Surekha goes. Manish says Aarohi and Abhi got engaged. Akshu says elders’ decide for the children’s good, Aarohi and I are moving on, I m happy for her. He says its time for retirement, when children get mature, I should rest now. She reminds his words.

She says I will never lose, ask Suwarna to send me kada recipe. Parth and Shefali argue. She says I will go to police if you and come and blackmail me, don’t come to meet me, now just leave. Parth sees Abhi and thinks you are getting happy seeing my defeat, I will remove your I have changed mask and show your truth to everyone.

Abhi gets Abhir’s audio. He smiles and hears about his football match. He thanks Mahadev. He thinks Abhir is fine, I don’t know my connection, he is away but close, make him win the match and also in life. Abhinav and Akshu care for Abhir and compliment him. She asks to finish the food and milk.

Abhinav says we will go to doctor. Akshu says he won’t agree, we will go tomorrow. Abhir says I feel dizzy. Abhinav says we will go to hospital. Abhir laughs and jokes. Abhinav hugs him and says promise me, you won’t do this again.

They show the banners they made. Abhir says I will wear the shoes which doc man gave me, it’s the best. Abhinav says you are also the best. Abhir does warmup. He feels unwell. Muskaan comes to Kairav and talks to him. She says I just had Neela with me, new wool always hurt but her hands have magic, new wool gets soft like her hands, thanks for getting this scarf, and sorry for scolding you.

He asks over? Shall I do my work? She says yes and leaves. Surekha sees Muskaan and taunts her. She asks her to go on the training, if she reaches late, then her payment will get less. She says new film is going to start now.

Abhinav and Akshu come to the football stadium and cheer for Abhir. He says my mum and dad are the best. They ask him to play well and enjoy, and keep sportsman spirit. Abhir says thanks, I m fine, don’t worry. They hug Abhir. Coach asks the kids to come. Abhir runs. He stops. Abhi hears Rohan discussing a kid’s case about the tumor.

Abhi gets Abhir’s audio message. Abhir plays football. Akshu and Abhinav cheer for him. He wins. He suddenly faints. Akshu shouts Abhir. Abhi asks Muskaan about Abhir.


Update Credit to: Amena

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