Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhir Falls Ill; Rushed to Birla Hospital !

The Episode starts with Abhir praying that someone agrees. He says please, ask them to stay back. Abhi asks Abhinav to stay back if Abhir wants. He ends call. Abhir says doc man asked us to stay. Akshu says we are going back. Abhinav asks are you fine. She says yes, we have to go back. He thinks I can’t see Abhir sad. He prays. Dadi, Suwarna and Manish talk about Aarohi’s new relation.

Dadi says we will tell Akhilesh and Surekha. Suwarna says Akshu is going back. Dadi says we will talk to them once. Manish says they will be sad, we can’t expect them to forget everything and behave normal. Suwarna says yes. He says Akshu should go, once everyone gets habitual to relations, she can come back.

Manjiri says I spoke to pandit, he said first Shiv puja will happen and then engagement. Shefali says I called the jeweller to buy the ring. Abhi comes and says I got hurt by the bathroom cabinet. Manjiri says I will get it changed. Ruhi says I m happy because of your and mom’s engagement. Abhi says I m also happy. Manjiri says Suwarna and Manish will sit in puja. Mahima says it will be awkward in front of Akshu and Abhinav. Manjiri says Suwarna said Akshu and her family are going back to Kasauli, I feel relieved. Abhi gets Rohan’s call. He leaves.

Abhir says I feel weakness, I can’t go. Abhinav and Akshu ask him not to act. Dadi cries. Akshu says no one will get emotional, we are going today. They leave. Abhir falls in Akshu’s lap. She asks him not to do a drama. She holds him and says he is suffering from high fever, I thought he is acting. Abhinav asks how did this happen, he fainted like that in temple also. He asks driver to take them to the nearest hospital. Everyone waits for their call. Muskaan gets sad. Kairav says they had to go, and they left.

Surekha comes and surprises them. Abhinav shouts for doctor. Akshu sees the Birla hospital. Nurse sees her and says Akshara madam, you. Akshu says call a doctor fast, my son is sick. Nurse says Dr. Abhimanyu will be coming. Akshu says no, call someone else. They rush. Abhi is on the way. He thinks of Akshu. He sees a car in front and stops his car. He drinks water. Surekha greets everyone. Doctor says his vitals are normal. Akshu panics. He says I m checking him, his pulse is normal. Nurse asks her to fill the form. Abhinav asks Akshu to go, he is with Abhir. Akshu goes. Abhi comes to the hospital.

He sees Akshu. He asks what happened, you didn’t go till now. She says we were going, Abhir… He asks what happened to him, tell me, I will see him. Abhinav says don’t know, he was fine, he fainted and he got fever. Abhi says I will see. She says no, Dr. Chawla is checking him, he will be fine. He says okay, if you need help, then take care. He goes. Abhinav asks was it necessary to refuse him, he was just helping us. Akshu says he has to stay away from Abhir, many tests happen in hospital, if he knows that Abhir is… no… Abhi prays for Abhir.

Manish says Surekha, where is Akhilesh. She says he is busy, Lav and Kush’s business is going well, I have come, because you all are very sweet, there should be Tadka, its Aarohi’s engagement with Abhi, how was Akshu’s reaction. Abhir says Papa. Abhi hears his voice and stops. He goes and checks Abhir’s reports.

He hugs Abhir and says don’t worry, your doc man is with you, nothing will happen to you. Abhinav comes and sees them. Suwarna says Akshu and Abhi are matured, they are moving on, Akshu is at airport, she is going back to Kasauli. Surekha says she should have stayed back. Dadi feeds her the sweets and says eat sweets, say sweet. Muskaan jokes.

Abhir wakes up and sees Abhi. Abhi asks how do you feel now. Abhir says don’t know. Abhi says don’t worry, your mum and dad went to get medicines. Abhir says I will get fine soon. Akshu comes and sees them. Abhir asks Abhi to pray to Shiv ji, sorry, you are upset with him. Abhir sees Abhinav and asks him to come. He says I was just going and came to see.

Abhir says I saw Papa in dream, and when I opened eyes, I was with doc man. Akshu comes in. Abhi says I will go. Doctor comes and says Abhir is fine now, I m giving a discharge, no travelling for few days, his fever can come back. Abhir thanks Shiv ji and says we have to stay in Udaipur now.

Abhir sits in the puja and takes Akshu’s name as his wife. Akshu gets the kalash. Manjiri stops her and scolds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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