Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhir is Confused; Akshara Goes for Her Exam !

The Episode starts with Abhi seeing Akshu and Abhinav. He hugs Abhir and says its not your and Akshu’s mistake, she is very nice, maybe its your dad’s mistake. He says its not your mistake, you are the most cute, intelligent and lovely baby. He cries. Abhinav comes and says I will drop you to school. Abhi leaves Abhir’s hand. Abhir goes with Abhinav.

Abhinav drops Abhir and says study well, don’t get tired, doc man said you can play football for 15 mins from next week, I m taking Akshu for her exam, Neela will come to pick you. Abhir asks why do you love me so much. Abhinav says you are my son. Abhir says if you weren’t my dad, even then would you love me so much. Abhinav asks him to go. He says why did he ask this, does he know, did Abhi tell him, no, why would he say. He leaves.

Akshu prays to Kanha ji and says I want to pass this exam, and become a good lawyer. Abhi says relax, its good to feel scared, it means its imp and matters, you will never fail, don’t worry. Akshu gets Abhinav’s call and asks where are you, I m ready. He tells about the landslide. She asks what landslide. Abhi asks where is he, I will go and pick him.

Abhinav says roads are blocked, I can’t come, you have to go for the exam. She asks him to have some food. He wishes her all the best. Abhi asks is he okay. She says yes, if you have to go somewhere, give the keys to Neela. Kairav comes to Manish and cries. He says I admit I did wrong, you can slap me, sorry, its my mistake, I wanted to stay in darkness, I didn’t wish to believe that I can love someone, I was in denial, I couldn’t accept her feelings, I have hurt her a lot, I don’t want to hurt myself and her, please don’t send me away from her, tell me what to do, help me.

Manish says trust yourself, your love, and if she trusts your love, then I will convince Neela and Abhinav. Kairav nods. Akshu runs to the bus stop and asks Kaka about the bus. Kaka says it just left, next bus will come after half an hour. She worries. Abhi comes and asks her to sit in the car. He says I wasn’t getting any taxi and driver, I got the car myself, your fate gave you a chance to fulfil your dreams, come, its your exam. She sits in the car. She studies.

Abhi takes her. She thinks I feel I should have not sat in this car, will I miss my exam this time also. He says don’t take stress, if you forget few answer, then do cheating. She asks how will I become a good lawyer. He says person becomes a good lawyer by years of practice. She asks why are you talking of cheating, when you were a topper. He jokes.

Surekha asks what, Kairav and Muskaan. Suwarna says if he loves her, we should support him. Surekha says Abhinav is poor and he is an orphan, Akshu married him, will we get a poor bahu, if you didn’t support him in Abhir’s treatment, then was it possible, could Abhinav save Abhir if Abhi didn’t help, Muskaan just has Neela with her.

Manish asks what’s your problem, their marriage isn’t happening right now. Suwarna says I trust Kairav, he took the right decision. Surekha argues. Dadi says I don’t accept this relation. Manish and Suwarna are shocked. Ruhi calls Abhi. He answers the call on speaker. He says I m driving, I will call later. She says I have to tell Abhir’s secret, he is worried, please help him in finding his real dad. Akshu gets shocked. Abhi ends call. She asks him to stop the car. He says no, you have to go for your exam.

She insists. He stops the car. She gets down the car. She scolds Abhi and says you told the truth to Abhir. He says I didn’t tell him anything, he heard you talking, he knows the half truth, he wanted to know the complete truth, we will handle it, just 5 mins are left for your exam. She says I have to go to Abhir. He says you have to become a lawyer, you go for your exam, you have to fight me in the court, come, sit in the car, you can’t miss your exam. She gets Abhinav’s message. He says think of it, there is no time. She takes a lift from a lady Payal and goes. Abhi gets angry.

Abhi asks Abhir what’s the matter. Abhir says promise me, you won’t tell anyone, my Papa isn’t my real dad, help me in finding my real dad. Abhi cries. Akshu looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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