Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhir Meets Manjiri !

The Episode starts with Abhir praying to find his dad. Everyone is praying inside the temple. Abhinav looks for him. Abhir sits near Nandi idol and prays. Abhinav asks people about Abhir. Abhir cries. Abhi comes to some shop. Abhir says please Shiv ji, make me meet my dad. Akshu is at the same shop. She buys a broach. She goes out to take call. The man says this madam and her husband used to visit our shop 6 years ago, they are famous and rich people.

Manjiri sees Abhir with the Nandi idol and smiles. He hides. He says mumma said stranger aunty takes you in sack. She laughs. Abhi doesn’t see Akshu. He asks for broach. The man gives him the broach. Abhi says great. He pays the money and goes. Akshu asks for the box. The man says I just gave it to your husband. She asks what.

Manjiri laughs hearing Abhir. He says I m in Shiv ji’s house, Shiv ji will protect me. She says my son was also like you in childhood, I have a granddaughter now. Abhir says mumma will scold me if she sees me talking to you. She says I will pray that you get your dad soon. Abhinav prays to get Abhir back. He thinks I can’t live without him. Abhir says I m not from Udaipur, I m lost. She says I will help you in finding your dad, will you have laddoo. He says no, mumma said we shouldn’t take anything from strangers. She says right, where do you say here. He says Nanu’s house, his name is… He faints. She asks him to get up.

She says I will take him home, I will ask his Nanu’s name and call the police. She leaves with him. Abhinav sees them leaving. He runs after the car and shouts Abhir. She prays. Abhinav cries. Akshu says who did he give the gift, Abhinav is at the temple. She sees the gift kept on the car front. Abhi talks to Rohan on call. Akshu sees him leaving. The man asks did Sir ji take the gift. She says Abhi isn’t my husband. He says sorry, I will arrange the gift. She says it would have been with me if it was mine, it will reach where it has to. At Birla house, Manjiri asks Abhir to get up. She says I will call the police, or shall I call the doctor. Abhinav comes there. He runs to Abhir. He asks what happened to him. She says he fainted, sorry.

He thanks her and says good Bua ji, aunty looks like a stranger, you did a good thing, you are a good Bua, I saw you leaving, a shopkeeper identified you and gave me your address, if I didn’t get him, then I would have died. She asks him to have water. He says I m not that smart, life taught me one thing, there are few people to support a lonely kid, you saved my son, I will never forget your favor. He hugs Abhir and cries. She says I did what I should have done, your son is lovely, he reminded me of my son’s childhood. Abhinav doesn’t see Abhi’s pic there. She asks are you not from Udaipur. He says no, his Naniyaal is here. She asks in which area. Abhir gets up. She gives water. Abhinav asks are you fine.

Abhir says I got scared, don’t leave me, please. Abhinav says sorry, no one can separate us, she saved you and got you here. Abhir says even this is a palace, don’t people have normal houses here. She wards off the bad sight. He hugs her and thanks. He says you are like grandmother but don’t look like that, sorry. Abhinav says thanks a lot. She gets chocolates and says take this, I m giving it in front of your dad.

Abhir takes it and thanks her. He touches her feet. She blesses him. Abhir and Abhinav leave. Abhinav says I left your hand, I promise this won’t happen again. Abhir says its okay. Abhinav says I will not leave happiness again. They hire an auto rickshaw. Abhi comes home. Manjiri says if you had come 2 mins before, then you would have met that boy. He asks who. She tells him everything. She says he was just like you, Shiv ji’s devotee.

Akshu says Abhi will come in the party. Abhir says he is coming to meet me, how is he related to me. Abhi comes in the party. Abhir runs and hugs him. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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