Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhi’s Mom Falls Ill !!

Aarohi and Akshu arguing about Abhi. Akshu cries and says you don’t know about Abhi’s pain, I m also a therapist, don’t treat me like an illiterate. Aarohi says you want Abhi and my relation to break, you want him back, right, let me warn you, I won’t do this, don’t badly sight my fate. Akshu calls it enough. She scolds Aarohi. She says you never understood me, anyways, just remember one thing, we know the truth well, this is happening because I m keeping silence, if you think I m the villain in your life, fine, I will go away. Aarohi asks how shall I believe you, you always broke my trust. Akshu asks what shall I do to win your trust. Aarohi says I will say when time comes. Akshu says I will wait for that time, I wish that Abhi doesn’t look inside your heart, else his heart will break. Kairav looks on and gets upset.

Abhi gets angry and says she doesn’t care for my life and death, wow. He goes to kitchen and sees Manjiri cooking. He asks her to take some rest. She says its nearly done, Harsh wants to eat gajar ka halwa today. He says I feel bad seeing Harsh treating you badly, we have the same fate, we have one sided love, those we love don’t care for us. Abhi says I will cook, you sit now. Neil and Parth come to help. Abhi sees methi seeds there and thinks of Akshu. Abhi says your gajar ka halwa is ready. Manjiri gets dizzy. Abhi holds her. Suwarna says Aarohi and Akshu don’t want to have food, so I sent juice to their room. Dadi says they might be tired. Akhilesh says Aarohi did a big thing. Manish says she saved a person’s life. Suwarna says I think she still likes Abhi. Manish gets upset. He says I m worried thinking what will happen now. He leaves the food. Akshu thinks Aarohi and I are together when its about family. Abhi asks Manjiri to get admitted in the hospital. He argues with Harsh. He says I will do the treatment of my mum, its my duty, I have to take her to the hospital. Harsh says you won’t get time there, how will you attend her. Abhi says she is the lead of my life. Harsh says we can’t replace you. Abhi asks really, you replaced me to bear Ruby’s tantrums. Anand asks Harsh to let Abhi take Manjiri.

Aarohi and Akshu come to cheer up Manish. They dress up like robbers and act, calling him Chintamani. He says I m Manish. Everyone looks on. He smiles. He sees their faces. They laugh. Aarohi asks him to end the worry. Akshu asks him to chill. Kairav plays the guitar. Vansh dances. Tum ho to….plays… Everyone sings and dances. Manish senses the problem between Akshu and Aarohi.

Aarohi comes to meet Abhi and Manjiri. She says I know, its not easy for you, I know the pain of the child when a mum isn’t fine. She recalls Sirat. She checks Manjiri’s reports. Akshu calls her. Aarohi says her cholesterol levels are high. Abhi says I know. She says you have to keep her happy and stress free. He says I know you are just doing your job, but can you leave us alone. Aarohi thinks I m not special for him, but not ordinary. Abhi cries for Manjiri. Aarohi looks on. Akshu hears this on call. She runs and plucks some flowers. She says I couldn’t save my mum, because I was a child, I will save Abhi’s mum. She makes some oil. She says Aarohi will not understand, whom shall I call. Neil gets the oil. Abhi asks what’s this oil. Neil says its special oil, it will affect her. Abhi says mum is so tensed. Neil says Gudal ka tel is affecting. Abhi asks what, how did you get this, who gave it to you. Neil says an old aunty make this oil at her home. Abhi thinks of Akshu and says nothing. He imagines Akshu there. Jaaniye…plays… Abhi thinks I just have to take care of mum, nothing else.

Harsh says your mum is stressed for your marriage. Abhi gets Manjiri for a music session. Akshu sings. Harsh gives her money. Akshu says you don’t know respecting any art and a woman. Harsh asks how dare you. Abhi breaks the chair in anger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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