Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshara – Abhi Get Closer ; Akshu Tries to Bond With Aarohi

The Episode starts with Aarohi arguing with Akshu. Akshu says there is no one here, don’t do a drama. Abhi and Neil feel sorry to argue. Abhi says its imp for us to talk. Akshu says I came to talk to you, we won’t fight and stop all this, we will make a new start, I m ready to move on. Abhi says the sisters have their history and issues, but we brothers have a good history, I won’t tell anything about Aarohi, you love her, I pray that your decision is right, but I can’t hear wrong about Akshu. Neil says I agree, I will try to keep things good at home.

Aarohi says its easy for you to move on, because you didn’t tolerate anything in life, my marriage broke, I had to stay away, Manish broke relations with me, I have no respect here. Akshu says its your own deeds, you have hurt them, our husbands shouldn’t suffer here. Aarohi says thanks for cold coffee, not for this peace treaty, I don’t want to move on, else you will get all the imp. Akshu says I can’t expect maturity from you.

Abhi thinks thanks Neil but I have to keep an eye on Aarohi. Abhi looks for Akshu. She comes. She writes on her hand and says delete whatever happened today. They both romance. She says we will go on drive. He says come, we will have icecream, you sing and then we will come back. They leave.

She says there is nothing better than night long drives. They hear a child product ad on the radio. He asks will you have icecream. She says we will have to stop this when baby comes, we will think of it now, we will have our baby by next year. Abhi worries. She eats the icecream. He says you are eating it as you didn’t have icecream since many days. She recalls Kunal and Maya. He asks what happened, did I say anything wrong. She says when I used to sing for Maya, she used to have icecream, I wasn’t allowed to have icecream. She cries. Abhi hugs her.

He says I will get more icecreams, have it. He cares for her. Jaaniye…plays… He prays to find a solution for her pain. Its morning, Mahima says you look better today. Aarohi says yes, I had weakness yesterday, you are going to hospital. Mahima says yes, I have ambitions. Aarohi says even I have dreams, but one has to plan life, my priorities are different, tell me if I can help. Mahima says you have helped me, but my dream is big, I want to become MD of Birla hospital, Abhi is deserving but he can get more chances, this was my chance. She goes. Akshu looks on.

Aarohi says I have to be careful, I want a share in Birla hospital, I have to win their trust. Kairav shows the designs. Vansh says its good. Suwarna says house looks good because of daughters. Manish says right. Akshu comes and gives them a good news. She says I will sing and take a step towards my dream, I will have my album, my work will become my identity. They all clap. Abhi asks Rohan what happened. Rohan says it’s a big mess. A man complains to Abhi. He says I will not leave you, my brother should have got the kidney first, there is some rule.


Abhi looks at Rohan. Rohan nods. Akshu says a top music director trusts me, he has signed a music album with me. Vansh says I m so proud of you, well come. They all hug Akshu and congratulate. Akshu says I got this talent from my mum. She asks Naira to bless her. Akshu says I have a surprise. She gives the card and the cheque. She says its my first signing amount. Suwarna congratulates her. Akshu says I got 5 lakhs amount, so I took two cheques with equal amount. Suwarna says Naira has the first right on it. Akshu goes to talk to Naira’s pic. She asks Naira to bless her.

She promises to work hard. Kairav asks her to have sweets. She feeds sweets to everyone. Vansh asks them to take a pic with Akshu. Akshu says get pic when I become a star, there is photoshoot today. Suwarna says I hope everything is happy, is there any problem because of Aarohi. Akshu says its fine, I m trying to make things fine. Abhi asks the man to calm down. He asks Rohan about the kidney. Rohan says the order changed. Abhi asks who changed the list. Neil comes and says I did it.

Abhi and Neil argue. Aarohi also intervenes. Abhi asks her not to intervene. Neil asks Akshu to not talk in between.

Update Credit to: Amena

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