Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshara – Abhimanyu ka Dream World !

The Episode starts with Harsh stopping Abhi from going to the hospital. He asks how did you get drunk accidentally. Abhi says I have to go. Kairav stops Akshu. She says I have to go, its imp, we will talk when we come back. Abhi thinks to talk to Akshu. Akshu thinks to talk to Abhi. Aarohi stops Akshu. She asks was everything fine yesterday, tell me, did you tell something about camp fire. Akshu says we will talk later, let me go. Abhi waits for Akshu. She comes to meet him.

They say yesterday…. She says situation was like that, I was thirsty and had the cold drink, I didn’t know it was alcohol. He says even I had drunk the same, do you remember what happened. She says no. She thinks there is something, maybe nothing happened. Aarohi talks to Manjiri on call. Manjiri says come and select the engagement ring, we will meet tomorrow. Aarohi says that pic is the only issue, I m sure that Harsh will solve it, until Akshu is with me, I don’t need to worry. Abhi asks don’t you remember anything. Akshu says maybe nothing happened. He says maybe, but see this finger cut, I don’t know anything, try to recall. She says I don’t recall, you focus on your marriage. He says thanks for reminding. She asks shall I go. He says please. She goes.

Kairav gets sugar free coffee for Aarohi. She tells about the new movie Atrangi re… They talk about the movie. She thinks you always fight with a sword, but Akshu fights without a sword, I wish the best for you both. Manjiri asks Aarohi to select a ring. Aarohi asks Akshu to help. Abhi comes. Akshu asks Aarohi to select it. Abhi says you can also select it for us, Akshu.

Abhi and Akshu start dreaming. Tum se hi….plays… They exchange the rings and smile. Abhi’s dream ends. Aarohi asks is this good. He says as Akshu likes. He says I mean Maa can decide. Neil says Abhi always goes with Maa’s choice. Akshu says I have to make an urgent call. She goes on some call. She turns and sees Abhi. He sings bole chudiyaan…. He says be ready, you have to dance tomorrow in the engagement. He goes.

Akshu says I won’t do. Aarohi says yes, don’t do any dance. Akshu says don’t worry, just you will shine tomorrow. Abhi sees Akshu. Harsh asks the man about the pic. The man says we didn’t find out, sorry, no hope left now. Harsh calls Aarohi and says we didn’t get the pic, relax and enjoy, I don’t think any problem will come, don’t do any stupid thing again Aarohi. Neil took the call. Aarohi asks where is my phone. He says its here, Nishta has same model, I thought its a call for her, so I answered. She argues and goes. He says what was Harsh saying, pic… He recalls and says something big has happened, is this related to marriage. Akhilesh says we will celebrate the marriage in a grand way. Manish and Akhilesh ask Kairav to donate the things to the ashram. Suwarna jokes on Manish’s old age. Manish says you call yourself old. He laughs. Akshu comes with Aarohi and says Vansh is with Reem, he said he will come late. Aarohi shows the ring for Abhi. She says we selected this for Abhi. She shows them.

Everyone likes the ring. Dadi says Manjiri called, engagement will happen in Birla house. Suwarna asks them to select the jewellery. Akhilesh says I will dance a lot. They all dance. Akshu recalls Abhi’s words.

Kairav says Akshu is at the NGO for a kid’s urgent case. Nishta says everyone has come, except Akshu. Abhi calls Akshu and asks are you crying. She says no, I m busy. He says I want you here, this engagement can’t happen without you. Parth says Abhi is nowhere.

Update Credit to: Amena

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