Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshara – Abhimanyu ki Sorry -Sorry !

The Episode starts with Abhi and Kairav arguing. Dadi says boys will always be boys, they don’t see their age and relation. Manish asks Kairav to stop it. Kairav asks what wrong did Akshu do that she planned the anniversary party. Abhi says don’t remind it to me, I forgot it and came by difficulty. Kairav asks why did you come then, leave the cloth, I will do it. The cloth gets torn. Dadi says you both care for her, its good Akshu isn’t conscious, her fever would have got high seeing you both fight. Kairav and Abhi take care of Akshu. Manish asks Kairav to have maturity and forget whatever happened, just come. They all leave.

Akshu wakes up. Abhi says you have fever. She recalls their fight. She gets up and hugs him. lag jaa gale…plays… They both care for each other. Neil comes to Manjiri and says sorry, Harsh would have felt bad, but I couldn’t stay silent. She says me too, Harsh always told me, I couldn’t tolerate when he told Abhi and Akshu. Harsh hears this and thinks to supress the sparks.

Manish says Akshu is Abhi’s wife now. Kairav gets angry and argues. Manish says mistakes do happen unintentionally, one has to stay in limits, like Naira came here and changed this house, one can’t change anyone suddenly, don’t try to rule over them, let them handle. Akshu says sorry. Abhi says I m also sorry. They both apologize for everything. She says lets forget this, it will hurt more. He says yes, I don’t want you to get hurt. She says your fever is gone. He says yours too. They hold hands and leave.

Suwarna asks them to have food. Abhi sees his plate. Aarohi jokes about Jamai pujan day. Vansh asks Abhi and Akshu to have the food from the same plate. Abhi and Akshu feed the food to each other. Kairav stays angry. Abhi and Akshu come to the park. They see their toy puppets hanging to the tree. She asks why did we come here. He says this place is magical for me, I get a smile, I forget my tension. She asks why did we come here now, do you have any tension.

He says no, I want a promise, your family is different than mine, your family has much love between them, promise me you won’t try to change my family, I can’t tolerate if anyone blames you, we have to think about our life and about mum, I just care for her, I can do anything for her, keep distance from them, I know my demand is strange, I m asking this for you, I know them, you don’t know them, I care for you, I have seen much drama and fights since childhood, I don’t want you to see that, such fights trouble a lot, it happens without any reason, promise me, you will just mind your own work. Akshu promises. She hugs him and says whatever is destined to happen, it happens, you used to run away from love and you fell in love, one day you will try to solve your family problems.

He says don’t say anything, just stay like this. She gets a message. She says I forgot to say, I have an interview, please let me go. He asks did I stop you ever, you will always have my support, I mean it, come for the interview now, else we will get late. They come home. Abhi says Akshu has an imp interview, a charitable trust hospital needs a music therapist.


Anand wishes Akshu. Abhi says others can also wish. Mahima asks is it necessary to go, its below our standard, we also have a reputation. Harsh says its okay, one gets a job according to qualification. Akshu says no, passion is needed to work there, kids are there, I will be glad to work for them. Abhi says well said, anyone can earn, you should do the work that makes you happy. Shefali says I m happy for you, you don’t want to sit at home, some people are sitting at home after getting big degrees.

Harsh asks Neil will he do any work or not. Anand, Harsh and Mahima leave. Abhi asks Akshu to get ready fast. Manjiri says I will do my rasam now. She blesses them and says husband and wife should be together to get success. She feeds the curd to Akshu and wishes her. Parth and Neil wish her. She goes. She gets ready and comes. She calls out Abhi. Neil says he left. She says don’t know there will be any car or not. She goes out and sits in the car. She sees Abhi as the driver. Abhi smiles and says at your service, madam.

Abhi says don’t work here. Akshu says I want to work here, I want to help people. Abhi throws some papers and goes away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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