Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshara Agrees to Abhimanyu’s Condition !

Abhi saying its not a small thing, just think about it, she is my everything, I m a nobody for her. Neil says its nothing like that. Abhi says I understand heart and mind, everything, when a tumor gets cancerous, its removed from the body, Aarohi is like a tumor, she is so wrong, accidents do happen, she didn’t check, she didn’t let Akshu check, if this happened by my hand, if any Goenka elder got hurt, then what would they do with me, would they forgive me, they would have sent me to jail, I m not doing this, I just said that Aarohi won’t be there in marriage, Akshu isn’t able to choose me, I have no problem with her relations, but with her understanding, why is it so difficult for her to choose, I will go to park, if she is right, then even I m not wrong. He goes. He sits in some park and thinks of Akshu.

Akshu comes and sings Aapki nazron…. He smiles seeing her. He hugs her and thanks. Akshu recalls Manish asking her to just go to Abhi. Suwarna hugs Akshu. Kairav cries. Suwarna says Abhi is a nice guy, he loves you, but this time, his goodness is hidden behind anger, when his anger calms down, who knows he will change his decision, but now, you have to say yes to him, if you don’t do this, then his anger will never end. Kairav says yes, maybe he is thinking more like a son now, we should give him time, if we let him go then he won’t come back. Akshu gets Anupama’s call. She answers. Anupama asks what happened, you look upset. Akshu says nothing, you have to take tough decisions sometimes, there is always a risk. Anupama says I didn’t leave courage when such situation came in my life 17 years back, you also keep courage and faith, listen to your heart and do what your heart tells you, give my love to Abhi. Akshu thanks her for the advice.

Akshu goes to Aarohi. Aarohi asks her to go away. Akshu says you know how much I love you. Aarohi asks are you not going. Akshu says I m going, we did many mistakes, I have always insulted Abhi’s love, but not this time, I will get the due respect to this love, it doesn’t mean that your imp got less in my life, I m just rectifying my mistakes, I have to go. FB ends. Abhi says thanks, I was scared, I can do anything for you. Akshu says even I can do anything for you, I take time in deciding, it doesn’t mean that I love you less, I hope you trust me. He says I hope you trust me, I m doing this for our happiness. He hugs her and thinks I m happy that you chose me, I wish you answered me before, I know Aarohi is the reason. Akshu prays that everything gets fine. Aarohi cries and talks to Sirat. She says I didn’t do that accident intentionally, no one is supporting me, everyone is with Akshu, I can’t even attend her function. Akshu and Abhi come home with the Birlas. Akshu sings Aapki nazron… Manish and everyone hug her. Dadi says I m the eldest here, you have to respect whatever I say, we will forget this and make a new start. Manjiri says yes, we will have a good time in their mehendi. Aarohi comes downstairs. She applies the mehendi to Akshu’s hand. She says sister has to do this shagun, Akshu did that day, I m doing today, you all can enjoy, I m not staying back in the rasam. She taunts Abhi.

She asks for nek for shagun. She says you can punish for this also if you want. Abhi gives her nek and asks her to stop drama. Aarohi goes. Mahima says start the rasam, we don’t have much time. Suwarna asks Akshu to come. Aarohi throws the nek money and recalls Abhi’s words. Abhi goes to Akshu. He asks her is she happy with her decision, if not, then she can tell him. She asks him to understand it. He asks her to say it clearly, is she happy by choosing him. She says I m very happy, it doesn’t mean that sorrow got less, it takes time, we have to give that time to each other. She hugs him. Neil asks them to come. She stumbles and her hand gets into the water bowl. She sees the shagun mehendi removed and worries.

Akshu dances with everyone. Aai shubh ghadi….plays… Abhi saves Akshu from the falling chandelier. Aarohi gets hurt. Akshu hugs her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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