Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshara Begins Her New Life !

The Episode starts with Abhinav requesting Verma to let Akshu stay in the house for a few days. Akshu hears them. Verma gives him some time and asks him to fix the matter. Abhinav thanks him. Verma goes. Abhinav asks Akshu to not worry. She asks him to get a job for her. He asks her to go back to her family. He explains her. Abhi thinks of Akshu. He meets a drunkard on the road.

The man leaves the alcohol bottle there and asks him to try. He recalls everything and drinks the alcohol. He coughs. The man asks does she want a job. Abhinav says yes, she needs a job. She says I m educated, I know operating computer. The man says we have no vacancy. Abhinav says help her, she will share your work. The man says fine, I will hire her because I like your work. Abhinav thanks him. The man stares at Akshu and smiles.

Abhinav takes Akshu to a café. He says happiness is hidden in small things, we should celebrate happiness, you got a job, so lets celebrate, hip hip hurray. She asks why are you alone, why didn’t you get married. He says it didn’t happen till now, I didn’t find anyone because I have no surname, have the pastry. She asks him to eat it. He says a girl liked me without surname, but she didn’t want kids, I wanted kids, there is no life without kids, family frame should be complete. The pastry falls over his clothes. He says I always mess up things, I will clean this and come. Priya comes and holds Akshu. She says Manish is waiting in the car, come with me, he is much worried. Akshu says listen to me once. Abhinav comes and looks on.

He says good, her friend came to take her. Priya says you got divorced, but you have to move on. Akshu says I don’t want to go and meet anyone, trust me, if I return home, it won’t be good for anyone, I have to answer myself first, I have to think and understand first, I will call him, please tell him that I love him a lot. Priya goes. Akshu cries. He says your friend left alone. She says we will go to your house. He says okay, I will pay for this pastry and come, else police will come.

She says sorry Bade Papa, I can’t handle myself if I come there. Manish and Priya leave. He asks do you want to say anything, tell me. Priya says I met Akshu. He asks where, tell me. She says she requested that you return to Udaipur, she said she loves you a lot, she asked you not to find her. He gets sad. Parth says Abhi isn’t taking the call. Shefali says call him again. He says his car is here.

He calls Abhi. He sees Abhi sleeping in the car. He takes the alcohol bottle. Shefali asks what happened Abhi. Abhi says sorry, I made a mistake, I fell weak. They say its okay, come and take rest. He says no, I can’t rest, I m sorry, I won’t fall weak again. They take him inside.


Suwarna and Dadi ask Aarohi to come home for some days. She says no, I m fine here. Dadi says okay, as you find right, call me whenever you want. Aarohi says okay. Manish comes home. Abhinav gifts a phone to Akshu and says you can return me the money when you get your first salary, your phone was costly, I could just afford this phone, this battery is strong. They leave for office. Suwarna asks what, did she refuse to meet you. Manish says she didn’t come in front of me, she is sensible, maybe she wants to spend time with herself, its good, she can start a new life if she stays there.

Mahima says we can’t give any stress to Manjiri. Abhi says sure. She says whatever happened in OT, I think you should also consult a therapist. She goes. He gets Manish’s call. Manish says Akshu didn’t come back with me, I also believe now that maybe you both were not made for each other, something bad happened when you both got together, its better that you stay separated. Abhi cries. Abhinav and Akshu come to the office. The man asks him to go and pick the guests. Abhinav wishes Akshu all the best. He leaves. The man stares at her. Abhi gets Aarohi’s file. The file falls. Abhi sees the sonography report. He says Neil, your baby. He cries and recalls Neil. He says this wound mark is a line of promise, I promise I will keep my promise, your baby will never lack anything, I will do everything for this baby. He asks the baby not to worry, he is with him.

Abhinav says Abhi ji, Akshu wants to talk to you. Abhi refuses to talk. Abhi gets Akshara’s call. Everyone gets shocked hearing Akshu got married.

Update Credit to: Amena

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