Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshara Confesses Everything to Mahima !

Abhi saying don’t tell anything to mum, she will be worried, what were you saying, tell me. Akshu says Aarohi and I…. Kairav comes and asks are you fine, Aarohi is taking your name. Akshu goes. Mahima says Aarohi is taking Akshu’s name, don’t know what she wants to tell her. Abhi and Akshu come to Aarohi. Akshu asks are you fine. Aarohi says don’t tell anyone please.

Akshu thinks I should tell Abhi before Aarohi tells him. She says I want to tell something. Abhi says you can stay here and talk to your sister, you know our equation, we dislike each other, she shouldn’t see me here. He goes. Parth asks everyone to come with him. Abhi asks them to go, he is with Aarohi. Everyone sits in the waiting area and have a talk. They think what happened to Akshu and Aarohi. Akhilesh says Aarohi was in surgery all night. Manish says Akshu takes stress all the time.

Akhilesh says Birlas love Akshu a lot. Manish says yes, one gets a life partner like Abhi by difficulty, he planned such a good surprise. Suwarna says Akshu is lucky. Manish says their love should stay the same. Anand says and our family culture also, we would have liked it if Abhi took our advice.

Aarohi gets up and asks did you tell Abhi, I fainted before you told the truth, did you tell them, everyone is upset with me, right, my family hates me, right. Akshu says I didn’t tell anyone. Aarohi asks really, thank you so much, don’t tell anyone, we made a mistake, we didn’t do this intentionally, please it’s a sign from Kanha, keep it hidden, my career will be ruined, family will have issues, your marriage will have problems. She requests Akshu.

Abhi says Aarohi did something and not letting Akshu say it, she is jealous of Akshu, I will scold Akshu this time, how long will Aarohi manipulate her. Akshu says we will tell the truth to Abhi, Manjiri is fine, he won’t get much angry. Aarohi says no, you know his anger, he will put me in jail, don’t tell anyone. She cries. Abhi enters the ward and looks at them.

Manish says maybe he wanted to surprise you, its good for the hospital. Mahima says this hospital is known for its work, not the music, we are ready for new experiments, we take advice, Abhi didn’t take our advice, all that matters is Akshu. Manish says you should be proud of this. Anand says we had an understanding with Akshu, now its shaken. Kairav says we should go home. Parth says you can go home, I will update Kairav.

Abhi asks why is Aarohi shouting, tell me, something is there, that’s major, what happened. Akshu says Aarohi and I were fighting. Aarohi says why does Akshu get everything so easily, I m doing internship here and she got her own dept here. Abhi says you need to rest. Abhi takes Akshu with him. she thinks to confess the truth. Rohan says your patient Mr. Batra needs you. Abhi says I will just go and come, no one will disturb you here.

Akshu sits and drinks water. Abhi is on the way. Akshu waits for him. She hears footsteps and says please Abhi, I have to tell you something, I m sorry, we couldn’t say this before, but Manjiri’s accident happened by our car, I m sorry, Aarohi and I were in the car.

Mahima gets shocked hearing this. Akshu says we didn’t know it, but we got to know later, I tried to tell you, something or the other came in between, I m really sorry, you don’t think that you hired the private investigator so I told you this truth, I told this to let you know this from me first, I m really sorry, say something Abhi. She doesn’t see anyone there. She hears the ward boys talking that Abhi has gone to the OT in a bad mood. Akshu says what would be going on in his mind, he is much angry on me, he didn’t say anything. Mahima stares at Akshu.

Harsh asks her to come and talk to Anand. mahima says I have to say something imp. Nurse brings Aarohi there. Akshu looks at her. Aarohi asks did you tell him. Akshu says yes. Aarohi gets shocked. Kairav and Parth come. Kairav asks Aarohi and Akshu to come home. Akshu says I will stay back, I have some work with Abhi.
Abhi shouts Aarohi. He gets the police. He says Akshu told me the truth, you did my mum’s accident and left her to die. He asks Inspector to arrest Aarohi. Goenkas get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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