Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshara Decides to Leave Udaipur !

The Episode starts with Abhinav says if Akshu loves you, then I swear on her Kanha ji, I will get away, if she loves you one percent and wants to come to you, then I won’t stop her, one doesn’t force or bind in love, love makes one free, she can go if she finds my house a cage, I promise I will not come back to take her. Akshu says we aren’t kids now, we are mothers, being a mother teaches us to see things differently, you have learnt it, but you couldn’t learn to see your mistake, you don’t talk but blame, you should have told it straight, but anyways, you said it and I heard it. Aarohi leaves.

Abhinav says if I was just her husband then I would have wanted to keep her tied, but I m her friend also, I will keep both the relations. Abhi says fine, my Akshu will decide. Abhinav says I have to see if your Akshu decides or my Akshara. Abhinav leaves. He recalls Abhi’s words. Abhi lies back. Ya rabba….plays… Abhinav hugs Akshu’s purse. Aarohi holds the chain and gets sad seeing Abhi’s pic.

Its morning, Ruhi is with Abhi. She says I m leaving my butterfly here, love you poppy. She goes. Mahima says his restlessness got high yesterday, don’t panic, he will be fine Manjiri. She asks Aarohi to keep monitoring him and update her. She goes. Aarohi says I find him restless even now. Manjiri says he will be fine, he has tolerated much pain, don’t worry. Abhir says someone stop me. Surekha says we want to stop it, but we can’t. Manish says we will go to Kasauli to meet you.

Abhir says I don’t want to go, I didn’t say bye to my sister. Surekha says even Akshu didn’t say bye to her sister. She taunts Akshu. Dadi asks her to be quiet. Akshu says I will go. Suwarna says say I will come. Akshu says no, I will go, its imp to say this. She hugs Dadi and says I love you. Muskaan asks Abhinav are you okay. Akshu hugs Suwarna. Manish says I feel odd that we aren’t stopping you.

Abhinav says don’t say this. Akshu hugs Manish and says sorry for all the problems, but I won’t return to increase your problems, I will never return to my Maayka. Kairav and everyone get sad. Akshu cries and hugs Manish. Akshu sees Kairav. Kairav gives a chocolate to Abhir. Akshu takes Abhir with her.

Dadi says take care of Akshu. Abhinav says don’t worry, my happiness will never be imp than her happiness. Everyone hugs Akshu. Manish hugs Abhinav. Akshu leaves with Abhinav and Abhir. They all cry. Abhi thinks of Abhinav’s words. Akshu comes and holds him. He opens eyes and sees her. She says everything can get new, but we are old, our love is old, your Akshu can come to you, I love you Abhi, I won’t go anywhere. He smiles. He opens eyes and doesn’t see her. He says you aren’t my dream, but my truth, why are we not together.

He injects his hand. He says fate has written our decision, I m coming to take you. He sees Shefali there. She calls him out. He says I m nothing without Akshu, I m going to get her back. She says no, you can’t go, she might have left for airport. He says I will die if I don’t go, its imp. He thinks I m coming Akshu, wait for sometime. Akshu sees a temple and asks driver to stop the car. Abhinav asks what happened.

She says I want to make a chadava of all the good and bad memories before leaving so that nothing affects us. She gets Shefali’s call. Shefali asks where are you. Akshu says I stopped at Shiv temple while going to the airport. Shefali says fine and ends call. she calls out Abhi and says Akshu didn’t leave, she is at Shiv temple, you are taking a big risk. He says no, I m going to rectify my mistakes. He leaves. Manjiri holds Shefali.

Abhi says I will always love you. Akshu says I don’t love you. Abhinav looks on. Abhi says your heart knows the truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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