Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshara Gets to Know About Abhir’s Illness !

The Episode starts with Akshu seeing the reports in the car. She takes it and checks. She gets shocked. She recalls the doctor’s words. She shouts no. Abhinav looks on shocked. FB shows doctor saying your son has a hole in his heart, chances are less after surgery also, Abhir’s age is less, really sorry, he doesn’t have much time. Abhinav is shocked. FB ends. Tumhe leke….plays… Akshu recalls the past moments when they brought little Abhir home, how they raised Abhir with love. She throws the reports in anger.

Abhinav and Akshu recall the moments and cry. Abhir’s childhood plays in front of their eyes. She says everything is a lie, how can this happen. Abhir calls them out. They quickly keep the things back in the shelf. Abhir asks when did you come, did you get my reports. He asks Akshu to scold Abhinav. She holds a trophy in her hand and gets hurt. Abhinav says I will tell you.

He takes a packet of chips. Akshy picks the reports and keeps it. Abhinav burns the chips packet. Abhir asks why did you burn it. Abhinav says I will burn everything that hurts you, your stomach had a bad infection, you won’t eat anything from outside. Abhir asks did I fall ill eating chips.

He says thanks Shiv ji for saving me, I will go and tell Neela. Abhinav says don’t run, doctor asked you not to run. Abhir goes. Akshu sits crying. She says its happening because of me. Abhinav says no, its not true. She says Kanha ji is punishing my son, I m a bad mother. He says stop, don’t dare to curse yourself, you are his mum, mum can make a mistake but mum can’t be wrong, since you knew about Abhir, you have done everything for him,

you are the biggest blessing for him, ask an orphan like me what is a mum, you are Abhir’s good luck, we got to know his problem and we can get him treated. She says but reports… He says nothing will happen, Kanha ji has written you both in my fate, trust your Kanha ji and Abhir will trust Shiv ji, I will trust you both, Lord will save Abhir, we can’t lose courage, we have to fight every fear for our Abhir.

Ruhi says no need to call any wedding planner, I will handle it. Everyone discusses. Shefali says leave everything to me, I will supervise the wedding planner, if I get busy, I won’t get time to think of anything else. Abhi says its time to get back to work, you are a journalist, think about work. She asks how. Aarohi says you are good at your work. Manjiri says when you work, you stay much happy. Anand says go for it. Abhi says be proud of yourself. Mahima says do what you find right.

Ruhi asks Shefali to say yes. Shefali nods. Abhi says way to go. Muskaan asks what, stomach infection. Neela says yes, talk to Akshu. Muskaan asks what did the doctor say, can he go to school. Servant drops the plate. Akshu asks what happened. Muskaan says servant dropped the plates, Abhi and Aarohi’s marriage date is fixed. Akshu says its good, you focus on your training. Abhir asks Abhinav to play with him. Abhinav says you are a champion, how shall I play with you, you have to take rest. Abhir argues and gets sad.

Abhinav plays a song Main koi aisa geet… He gets Abhir on his back. Akshu dances with Abhir. They sit playing puzzle. Abhir smiles. Akshu says I don’t want to play. He says you said all the puzzles get solved if we try. Akshu says yes. Abhinav says we will join the puzzle. Abhir thinks I didn’t tell doc man about stomach infection, he would be worried. Akshu gives the last piece of the puzzle. Abhir says mum was right. They say any puzzle can get solved if we try.

Abhinav and Akshu meet the doctor. Abhinav asks surgery, Abhir is young. Doctor says surgery is the only option, check this top 10 surgeons list, don’t think getting emotionally, think of urgency, it will be good if we rush. Abhinav and Akshu cry. Akshu says Abhir will be in pain post surgery. Abhinav says no, I can’t see him in pain. She says you have to see, we have to become strong for our kid, if we try, puzzle will get solved, check the list.

He says there are just names, wait, Abhi’s name is written, now nothing will happen to Abhir, I don’t feel scared now, I will call Abhi. Akshu stops him. She says we can’t tell him anything. He says he can save Abhir. She says we can go to other doctor, I don’t want to go to Udaipur. Abhinav says its about Abhir. She says no, I don’t want to go. He asks not even for Abhir’s sake?

Akshu scolds Abhinav and says your adamancy will kill our son. He cries. Manjiri says you are going to the resort for two days, mobile and wifi aren’t allowed. Abhi, Ruhi and Aarohi enjoy at the resort. Doctor recommends Dr. Abhimanyu Birla. Akshu and Abhinav are shocked.

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