Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshara Stands by Aarohi !

The Episode starts with Abhi saying I can do anything for Ruhi, I will fulfil her every wish, I will try my best, I m emotional about her, I have thought well about this decision, I know we have a baggage with us, I want to live for my promises, my responsibilities, I was foolish before, life taught me, it won’t happen again. Kairav says you are making a new promise, you couldn’t keep the old promises. Manish asks Kairav to get out. He says I m really sorry from Kairav’s side.

Abhi says no, I m sorry, this should have not happened, Kairav has a right, I don’t feel bad of his words, but he should know how to talk. Aarohi asks Manish do you agree. Manish says my answer is no, sorry, I know you will decide for their betterment, but no, I can’t say yes. She says happiness is waiting at the door. Manish says I would like to think before giving my daughter. Abhi hugs him and thanks him. He says take time and think about it, don’t worry, the matter won’t go ahead until you say yes, we will go now. He asks Aarohi to stay back. He calls out Ruhi.

Abhir and Ruhi come. Abhi asks them to smile. Aarohi asks Ruhi to go home with Abhi. Abhir hugs him. Birlas leave. Akshu sees Aarohi. Ruhi sleeps in the car. Manjiri says you and Aarohi decided this with difficulty. Abhi says not now, we will go home and talk. Aarohi gets angry on Kairav. Suwarna asks her to calm down. Aarohi cries and asks why did this happen.

Manish hugs Akshu. He apologizes to Abhinav. Abhinav says don’t do this, Kairav’s anger has love in it. Suwarna calms down Aarohi. Akshu says its not about the past, but the present, its about Ruhi and Aarohi’s lives, Aarohi is choosing a father for Ruhi, a woman can make a mistake in choosing a partner, but not in choosing a father for her child. Manish asks do you agree, tell me. Suwarna asks Aarohi to stop crying. She says we can solve this matter. Aarohi says I m scared of kairav. Abhi says we decided to talk after Dadi’s birthday, why did you do this, you spoiled her birthday.

Mahima says we had to say it sometime. Abhi says we were going to say after the birthday. Manjiri asks why shall I hesitate in telling about your marriage. He says I m their son, I feel guilty, they all didn’t deserve this, its time for Ruhi to sleep, we will talk later. He goes. Mahima says Manjiri, you couldn’t tolerate seeing Akshu happy with her family, so you told them, right. Manjiri says yes, I wanted to tell them that my son is also moving on, my son isn’t helpless, they were seeing him with hatred or pity, Kairav blamed Abhi, my son has a right to move on and get happiness.

Mahima asks what’s the guarantee that this drama won’t happen again. Anand says she is right, will they accept this relation, I don’t know if this is right or not. Mahima asks Manjiri to think again. Manjiri says enough. Mahima says I can’t see another drama this time. Parth says even I agree. Abhi hears them. Anand asks Manjiri to think well and decide. Kairav says its about Aarohi, explain her. Manish says think well and say. Kairav says sorry, Abhinav ji and Akshara, sorry in advance, I have no option, its about Aarohi, Akshu knows what it means to marry Abhi. Abhinav says I request you to be careful of Akshu’s feelings, she shouldn’t get hurt. Kairav nods.

He says I don’t know how many times will this family get hurt by the same stone, first Akshu and now Aarohi, if Aarohi marries that man then she will be upset. She asks but Ruhi. He says Ruhi is a kid, we have to think, this relation isn’t right for Aarohi. Akshu says Aarohi might stay happy. He says you would have not been in Kasauli today if any person could stay happy with him, if Aarohi doesn’t decide right, then maybe happiness won’t give her another chance,

it depends on you, decide, I give this responsibility to you, save your sister. She says no, sorry, I don’t think Aarohi is in danger. He says I worry for her. She says she isn’t a kid now, how can you believe our decision is wrong. He asks how did you know. She says I also decided one thing and I m happy in Kasauli. Abhinav smiles. She explains him Aarohi’s decision. She says I will respect her choice. Aarohi hears this.

Abhi comes to Goenka house. Suwarna gets Manjiri’s call. Manjiri says I decided to get Abhi and Aarohi married. Manish agrees. Akshu does the tilak to Abhi. Abhir insists that they attend the engagement.

Update Credit to: Amena

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