Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshara’s Lies to Abhimanyu !

Abhi coming home. Manjiri hugs him. He says I m fine. Harsh asks Aarohi to come inside. Aarohi comes in. Abhi says Aarohi saved me from the fire. Manjiri blesses Aarohi and says you came for the first time and got our happiness. Harsh says well done, Aarohi. Abhi thinks I can’t believe Akshu can leave me and go. Aarohi gets Manish’s call. Harsh sees this. Manish says she messaged she is coming. Akshu says she will handle everything. Aarohi comes home with Harsh. Harsh says don’t be surprised, I have come to say a big thanks, you all should be proud of me, I forgot everything and came to thank you, Aarohi saved Abhi’s life today. Akshu gets shocked.

Harsh says yes, she jumped into the fire and risked her life. Manish says you have valued our diamond now. Harsh says we always felt that your daughters are a problem in my son’s life, but they are a solution. Manish says my daughters were never a problem, we are glad that your son is fine. Harsh says I want to forget all the past things, I came here to drop Aarohi when she came to our house, thanks. He leaves.

Abhi takes a bath. He recalls Akshu and gets angry. He says maybe I was foolish, how can’t you stay back knowing I jumped into the fire, I was mistaken that you love me, you don’t love me. Manish says I m proud that you saved Abhi’s life, but you should have not gone there. Aarohi asks what wrong did I do, he is my team. She argues.

She says I went there for Abhi, I don’t think I did anything wrong. Abhi tries to recall. He says Akshu, no… Aarohi saved me, Akshu wasn’t there, why do I feel that Akshu was with me, what’s happening to me, no…. Akshu goes to her room. Aarohi recalls Abhi’s words. She says you will tell everyone that I lied, you saved Abhi, not me. Akshu says no way, I know why you did this, your aim was not to insult me, your aim was to make your place in Abhi’s heart, you have feelings for her, I can see that in your eyes. Aarohi says fine, don’t go around him, I will go ahead to him. Akshu says you always think I m wrong. Aarohi says I will step ahead, and you will step back, yes or no. Akshu nods. Abhi calls Akshu. She says I will answer this to prove that I will fulfill my promise. Aarohi says really, tell him, you forgot him. Akshu answers the call. He says I had to clear some doubts, I m fine, thanks for saving.

She says Aarohi saved you, do you want to talk to her. He says no, I didn’t call you by mistake, don’t you want to tell or ask anything. She says no, you can ask me. He says really sorry to call you and disturb, bye. She says bye, take care. He throws his phone. Jaaniye…plays… Aarohi says do the same from now. Akshu says you know I could have told yes to him, I didn’t say, you know why. Aarohi says you will count your favor now. Akshu says I did what you wanted, Abhi loves me, I didn’t do this for you, but for family, I know Birlas and Goenkas won’t have any relation, I have made myself away. Aarohi says don’t explain this to me. Akshu says you will never understand, you do what you like. Aarohi says you should have told yes to Abhi, he would have known his big mistake in two days, you knew this, so you didn’t say yes to him.

Aarohi and Akshu argue a lot. Abhi cries and talks to Manjiri. Abhi imagines Akshu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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