Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshu & Abhi Trapped in Fire !

Abhi seeing a boy crying and refusing the injection. He gives chocolates to the boy. Aarohi says thanks. The boy still refuses. Akshu comes and gives a teddy to the boy. She signs Aarohi to give the injection. Akshu distracts the boy. Abhi hits on his head and goes. Abhi sees the men getting medicines and methi dana for him. He gets angry recalling Aksku. He washes his face and goes.

A girl drops some juice on the battery. Sparks are ignited. Neil greets Akshu and asks her to take care. She asks him to take care of Abhi. He says you moved on, is this a drama, I m asking as a friend. She says you are Abhi’s brother, so I won’t say. He says why does the heart of good people break. Abhi thanks Aarohi. She says helping you is my duty. He says thanks for doing puja for my mum, I was in the temple. She thinks I will take over Abhi. She collides with Neil and goes. She scolds the kids for stealing the chocolates.

Akshu looks on. Manjiri messages Abhi and asks him to think about Aarohi. He sees Aarohi. The kids ask Akshu to sing. Akshu sings dil se bandhi ek dor…. for the kids. Abhi goes to her. Aarohi sees him and smiles. He says its difficult to move on. He plays music. Neil dances with the kids. The kids go to take chocolates. Fire catches up the place. Akshu says I feel there is some fire. She goes to see. She sees the fire and shouts to everyone. Abhi is listening to music, while everyone is dancing.

Akshu tries to put off the fire. She runs to everyone and shouts about the fire. Everyone worries seeing the fire. Kids are trapped inside. The lady says my kids are inside, save them. Akshu asks were they fighting for the chocolates. She asks Aarohi where is the chocolate jar. Aarohi says I kept it in the storeroom. Neil says I will arrange the water. Akshu says kids are inside to get the chocolates, I have to save them. Aarohi stops her. Abhi hears them shouting and removes the headphones. He gets shocked and runs to them. Abhi asks Akshu to stop, he is there. He runs and goes inside the storeroom to get the kids. He sees the kids crying. He takes them on a stretcher and covers them up. He pushes the stretcher outside. Akshu shouts Abhimanyu…. Aarohi stops her.

Akshu thinks if anything happens to you, then my life’s motive will end. She takes some tin and enters the storeroom. Jaaniye….plays… She asks where are you. She falls and sees him unconscious. She asks him to get up. She says I love you Abhimanyu, I can’t let anything happen to you, get up please. She hugs him. Aarohi tries to put off the fire. Akshu says please open your eyes, I love you. Akshu also faints.

Akshu says this fire can’t separate us. She saves Abhi. He thanks Aarohi for saving him. He asks where is Akshu. Aarohi says she left.

Update Credit to: Amena

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