Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshu & Abhi’s Romantic Union !

The Episode starts with Abhi saying I was dying to hear I love you from you, I love you. She says I love you Abhi. Lag jaa gale…plays… She asks why are you hanging upside down. He jokes and says I was going to jump, but got stuck. She asks him to come down. He comes down and gets on his knees. Jaaniye….plays… They smile holding each other. They have a moment. He makes her wear the bracelet. She hugs him. Their heads strike. They smile.

Kairav goes to see Akshu and Aarohi. He doesn’t see them. Aarohi calls him out. He sees her in bridal getup. She asks how do I look, tell me. She says I m so excited, its my marriage with Abhi. Abhi says I smile when you smile, I cry when you cry, I think of you all the time, you always get me close to your memories. Akshu hugs him and nods. He says I know, we are made for each other, I would have died if you didn’t come today, could you live then. She signs no. He explains her that they complete each other, their relation is unbreakable.

He says its enough, I don’t want your confusion, you are good, but I don’t want your greatness drama, we should get what’s ours, right. She nods. He says we will run away and get married, we will stay somewhere far, will you marry me. She nods. They smile. Jaaniye….plays… She says we will go home and convince everyone.

Abhi says no, mum didn’t return home, I don’t want to elders who don’t understand us, we will marry first and then see them. Kairav says you look very pretty, just like a princess, where is Akshu. Aarohi thinks where is she, don’t know. She says its a surprise, go now, my marriage should be the best. She says don’t know what happened here, everything was messed. Akshu says I want this too.

Abhi says you listen to your heart. She says love gets precious when it gets blessed by family. He says I love your good intention, we will do as you want. She says thanks, I did wrong with you, you are still supporting me. He says everything is fine, we are together. She shows the angels time, 4.44 pm. He smiles and hugs her.

Manjiri comes home and calls out Abhi. Harsh asks her to get ready, Abhi has gone somewhere. She looks at Neil. Harsh says call him home. She says he won’t come on anyone’s call, he went on his heart’s call, he will just listen to his heart, I also feel he will do his wishful. He asks what nonsense. She says you may shout, I will not call him, I will let him do what he wants. Harsh looks at Neil. Akshu says I have to talk to Aarohi.

Aarohi calls her. The phone is fallen. Harsh and Anand ask Manjiri what’s the matter. Manish calls Harsh and asks all set. Harsh says yes. Manish says come soon, we are ready to welcome the baraat. Harsh says we are coming. He ends call and says Goenkas are waiting for Birlas, we are standing like fools, because Manjiri isn’t saying anything. He scolds her.

Akshu says I have to make Aarohi understand. Abhi says fine, but do it fast. Aarohi says why is Akshu not answering. Dadi and Suwarna see Aarohi and compliment her. They get emotional and hug her. Akshu calls Aarohi. Aarohi doesn’t see the call. Akshu asks did everyone know at home. Abhi says no, they would have called, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Akshu says I wish everything is fine, we have to tell them, I m worried that wrong doesn’t happen between the families. He says yes.

Neil tells everything to Manjiri. He says there will be a big drama, but its imp, Akshu is Abhi’s life, everything will be fine. Manjiri says I understood this late. She prays. Everyone compliments Aarohi. They see the broken glass. Kairav asks how did this happen. Dadi says its bad omen. Aarohi says it happened by my hands, my lahenga was stuck and the perfume from my hand hit it.

Kairav asks where is Akshi. She says she went to plan a special surprise for me. Manish says its good. Kirav thinks she is hiding something, she looks awkward, hope everything is fine. Akshu says I m tensed, what will happen after we tell the truth.

Abhi says we will marry right now. Harsh says Abhi is missing. Abhi and Akshu reach the temple. Aarohi says Akshu is also missing, I won’t let her snatch my dreams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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