Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshu Confesses Her Love !

Abhi holding Akshu. She says leave me, anyone will come. Parth says Neil is saying Abhi will say. Anand asks what will we do now. Shefali thinks is this about Aarohi, Mahima will see. Harsh says no, this shouldn’t happen. Akshu gets away. Abhi shows her the pic. He cries and asks why. She asks him to stop. He keeps asking. She cries. He asks why did you do this, you love me, then why did you refuse, I want all my answers today. He says tell me, why did you reject my alliance, when you love me, you made me a joke in front of everyone, why, I was burning in fire, you saved me risking your life, you didn’t tell me the truth, why.

She asks him to please stop it. She says please leave from here. He says calm down, but I want the answers today, you have time till 4pm, come to sunset point with all the answers, if you don’t come, then you can’t think that I will do. He leaves from the window. She sees the time and cries. She says Aarohi should be here, I have to clear everything with her. She calls her.

Neil calls Abhi. Abhi asks did mum come back. Neil says no, where are you. Abhi says I will come back when I get all my answers. Kairav says I will see Aarohi. Akshu says answer the call Aarohi, please. Aarohi answers and says I m coming. She angrily disconnects. Akshu says why does this happen with me. Kairav comes at the door and asks are you fine, what happened. Akshu says dupatta got stuck, so lamp fell, its fine. He says open the door. She says no, we are changing the dress fittings. He says fine, I will come later. She worries seeing the time 3.30 pm. She jumps down the window and runs. She recalls Sirat’s words.

She thinks of Abhi. She sees the time 4.02pm and thinks you have to understand me today. Harsh worries at home. Neil smiles and thinks things will get fine. Anand asks Harsh not to shout. Harsh says don’t know where did Manjiri go. Parth says you asked her to go, why are you behaving like the marriage broke, Abhi is moody, he will come back. Harsh says I know him well, so I m worried. Dadi, Suwarna and Kairav come to see the girls. They see the notice on the door, that they are making a pre wedding video. Dadi asks Kairav to not disturb them. Suwarna says yes, else their mood will get off, social media is imp for them, Kairav is boring. They go. Kairav says something is wrong. He calls Harsh. He says I was calling Abhi to ask something. Harsh asks him to tell him. Harsh thinks something is wrong there.

Kairav says they were making pre wedding videos here, so I thought to ask Abhi also. Harsh says okay, Abhi is sitting in the puja, he is Mahadev’s devotee. He ends call and says something happened there. Kairav says something is wrong. Akshu comes to sunset point and looks for Abhi. She calls him out. She says I have come. She gets his headphone there.

Harsh says band, baaja, sherwani, everything is here, just the groom is missing. Akshu gets Abhi’s audio message… This should have not happened. She shouts Abhi, where are you. He says you thought of everyone, not me. She says I was helpless, come in front, I have to tell you everything. He says I never understood love, you taught me. She shouts. Aarohi says I can’t lose you Abhi, I have come, we will get married today.

Akshu shouts Abhi. He sends the audio… I know you get happiness giving everything to your sister, will you give your love to her, you refused to my love, you don’t value my love, it doesn’t matter I live or not, good bye. She shouts no, Abhi. In next audio, he says I love you. She shouts I love you too, I m sorry, forgive me. She throws the phone and says I love you too, don’t harm yourself, I will die without her. He comes in front of her, hanging down the tree. Paas aaiye…plays… They smile holding each other.

Abhi says we will get married here right now. Harsh says we have come prepared, but Abhi is missing. Abhi and Akshu go to the temple. Aarohi says Akshu is also missing, I won’t let them snatch my dreams. She leaves.


Update Credit to: Amena

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