Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshu Gets Loving Welcome from Goenka’s

he Episode starts with Abhi recalling Akshu and asking why did you come back here. He gets angry. Akshu lands in Udaipur. Aisi dagar koi agar….plays… Akshu says I had to come. Ruhi comes and says I have to do homework. He says come, I will also do it with you. Abhir asks Akshu to come home. Abhinav asks her to come. Dadu waits for Akshu. She says Akshu is coming with her son today.

Manish says she won’t come soon if you stand here, I didn’t even go to bring her from airport. Dadi says I know she is coming. Neela says Dadi is like Amma, lucky people get such love. Suwarna asks Dadi to take rest. Dadi asks is puja plate ready. Manish says welcome them with puja plate when I get that. Dadi feels it and says get the plate, light the diya, Akshu has come.

Abhi is angry. Manjiri finds him upset. Everyone smiles seeing Akshu. Akshu says I have come home. Dadi runs and hugs her. Akshu hugs everyone. They happily cry. Suwarna says you left us. Akshu says sorry. Manish says you didn’t do that right. Suwarna says don’t tell her anything. Dadi says house looks complete now. Abhi calls out to Ruhi and goes. Akshu says we won’t cry now. Manish says yes, daughter’s homecoming is a big festival, we will celebrate it, it was your idea to tell about the wrong time of flight. Akshu says no, Abhinav’s idea, he is coming in another rickshaw, we had no place.

Abhinav and Abhir come. Akshu says look, they have come. Abhinav gets to see the big Goenka house. Abhir says we have come to mum’s house. Abhinav says they are standing outside, you go, I will come. Abhir says come with me, I won’t go alone. Abhinav says okay, I will give the money. The driver and servants come to welcome Abhinav. Abhinav gets much respect. Driver says we will pay the fare, you don’t pay, you are the guest, welcome. Abhinav and Abhir come there. Dadi and everyone get happy seeing Abhir.

Manish says Abhir looks tired. Akshu says no, he was excited at the airport, he was telling everyone that he will meet his Nanu and Nani are the first time. Abhir greets them. They say we missed you a lot. Manish lifts him in arms and says I met you before also, you were too young. Abhir says I know, I m a big boy now. Dadi says this house has also waited for you. Abhir hears Dadi and jokes. Abhinav greets. Manish hugs him. Dadi says don’t touch feets, you are the Jamai. Abhinav says just bless me. Dadi likes him a lot and feels lucky. Abhi is worried. Aarohi thinks why did Akshu come back. Abhinav, Akshu and Abhir get a warm welcome.

Dadi does their aarti. They all get emotional. Abhinav cries. Servant gets a plate. Abhinav says I don’t want. Dadi asks him to just touch it. They all touch the charity items.

Abhi calls Suwarna and hears Akshu’s voice. Manjiri says nothing will be fine in our house. Abhi goes to Goenka house and sees Akshu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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