Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshu’s Surprise for Abhi

Akshu meeting Manjiri and apologizing. Neil thanks her for coming. Akshu hugs Manjiri. Neil says everyone is watching. Manjiri introduces her. Abhi comes to his cabin and changes. He sees a girl Ruby there and asks how did you come inside. Ruby flirts with him. He says you have a problem in your mind, meet some neuro doctor. She says you are my all in one, Dr. Dilwale, I mean Dr. Abhimanyu. He asks her to please leave.

Akshu says I have to do something that brings a smile on Abhi’s face, I have a plan. Harsh says I m thinking to open a ward for charity patients in the new wing, it will be good for our PR. Akshu makes everyone practice the dance. Harsh comes there. Manjiri and Neil get shocked seeing him. He asks what’s Akshara doing here. He sees someone else. Akshu hides. Neil says we are preparing this surprise for Abhi’s birthday. Harsh scolds him and asks everyone to go back to duties. Manjiri says Neil and I… Harsh says you have spoilt Neil. The staff guy says we planned this for Abhi out of duty hours. Harsh says fine, continue, all the best. He goes. The banner falls. Harsh stops. Akshu worries. Aarohi calls Abhi.

He says I m fine. She says I m joining you from tomorrow. He says fine, I just like punctual interns, we should keep personal and professional lives apart, its basic logic. She ends call. She says I will try my best that our professional and personal lives are the same, now Akshu isn’t between us. Neil acts hurt. Harsh says make sure there is no issue, you both will be responsible, I don’t want any problems. He goes. Akshu thinks what will happen tomorrow. She prays.

Aarohi says one day, this coat and name will be my identity, Dr. Aarohi Birla. She doesn’t want to get nervous. Neil says I have invited the guests, he will be very happy. Akshu says yes, when someone gets happy seeing me, we also get happy seeing them, he will forget everything and smile, I also want this, I mean we all want this, right. Manjiri says yes, I want this to happen. Akshu says yes, I have planned a perfect ending for the celebrations, just 6 hours left for his birthday. She thinks to go and decorate his room.

Abhi comes to his cabin. He looks around. He switches off his phone. He lies on the couch. Akshu hides under the table. She says happy birthday Abhi. She puts a note on his watch. She cries seeing him. Jaaniye…plays… She leaves. He gets up and sees the chit on his watch. Its morning, Abhimanyu prays. Manjiri comes. She wishes happy birthday and gives prasad to him. She blesses them. Abhi checks the phone. She thinks you are waiting for Akshara’s message. She asks him to have his fav Lauki ka halwa. He says its good for heart and solves the heart problems also, I will have it. He says please don’t break my trust. She tells him a story of his birth. She says I can’t tolerate your silence, else it will make me silent forever, tell me what is it, talk to me. He hugs her. Anand, Harsh and Mahima come and wish Abhi. Abhi doesn’t hug Harsh. Neil, Parth and Mishta come to wish. Mishta gives the birthday gift. Abhi says I have much work. He goes.

Manjiri says I have to tell you all about Abhi’s birthday. Everyone wishes Aarohi all the best. Akshu thinks to be careful of Aarohi there. Aarohi leaves. Akshu also leaves. Kairav stops her and asks where are you going. She says for some work. He says I will drop you. She says no. He says I understand, you want to stay alone. She thinks sorry, I can’t tell the truth and I can’t lie. She goes.

Kairav asks is she going in Abhi’s birthday, no, she broke the alliance. Aarohi says I will wish Abhi with confidence and right, I can become a part of his life. She collides with Neil. They argue. She picks the file and goes. He prays to keep her away all life. Abhi gets a gift. He sees the heart showpiece. He sees Ruby’s card. He throws the gift. He says why do I have this hope. He comes to the hospital. Everyone wishes him happy birthday. He thanks them for their love and blesses. Akshu and Aarohi smile seeing him. Abhi sees the surprise.

Akshu performs for Abhi. He smiles. She turns away from him. He says someone is there who will always be with me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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