Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Arohi Hides Truth From Abhimanyu !

Harsh seeing Akshu taking Manish’s call. He thinks she always creates some problem, we will see whatever happens. Manjiri and Dadi pray to Shiv ji and pledge Abhi and Aarohi’s marriage. Abhi likes the shivling. Manjiri says Akshu made it, its beautiful. Aarohi says yes, its beautiful. Harsh thinks did Akshu tell her family. Aarohi thinks of result. Harsh says maybe Akshu told at her home, Manish and Akhilesh didn’t come. Anand says maybe not, everyone is here. Suwarna asks Abhi and Aarohi to place Ganpati then they will do aarti. Manish and Akhilesh come. Manish shouts stop, this marriage can’t happen. Aarohi leaves the idol. Akshu holds it. Manish says our daughter won’t get married in a liar family. Abhi and Akshu place the idol. Everyone asks why are you saying so. Manish shouts they have lied to us, they made hospital a business. Abhi asks why are you upset. Manish says your dad is the problem. Abhi asks what did he do now. Manish says he lied to delay the marriage for a minister’s surgery, we can’t tolerate lies, this marriage won’t happen. Kairav asks what’s happening, something wrong always happens. Dadi also scolds Harsh. Akhilesh says its my mistake to believe you. Suwarna says Manjiri also supported a lie. Manjiri cries. Harsh says yes, I had lied, what would we do, just to avoid this emotional drama, don’t know how you run your drama. Anand and Parth ask him to be quiet. Harsh asks why, I took a practical decision, if we get a surgery request for cabinet minister, then shall we refuse, what’s wrong to change marriage date, the hospital is of children afterwards, it will be of Aarohi also. Dadi says the matter is about lie, we won’t accept lies, relations of lies can’t be accepted. Abhi says Dadi is right, lie can’t be forgiven. The man gets camp cctv pics for Harsh. The guards takes the envelope and drops the pics outside. Another guard sees the pics. Harsh and everyone argues. Manish leaves. Harsh asks Akshu is she happy now after igniting fire. He says you did all this, right, you told this to Manish, right. Akshu says I didn’t tell anyone, else we would have not come here for puja, I learnt your truth and stayed quiet, maybe I should have told everyone, relations on lies don’t stay. Harsh says you stop lying. Abhi says she is saying the truth, so she is standing here, stop it now. Akshu recalls her words and looks at him. Kairav says we should leave now. Goenkas leave.

Neil stops Abhi. Abhi gets angry and scolds Harsh. He says go with Sasural and become a ghar jamai. Abhi asks seriously, you are unique. He takes Manjiri with him. She says forgive me, I became a part of his lie, I really didn’t know this. Abhi says calm down, its not your mistake. He hugs and consoles her. Mahima scolds Harsh. Harsh says enough of your lecture, you were also part of this lie. She says yes, you should have accepted the mistake. Anand says its waste of time to explain you both. Everyone goes. The guard gets the cctv pics. Harsh gets angry.

Aarohi says I was afraid to lose Abhi, you snatched my happiness again. Akshu asks what are you saying. Aarohi asks how did this happen. She says I can’t get my happiness until you are in my life. Akhilesh asks what nonsense, you are supporting Harsh, you want your marriage to happen in that liar family, you are kiddish, we broke your marriage, not Akshu. Akshu says calm down, we will talk. Akhilesh says no, Aarohi isn’t sensible. Aarohi says its Akshu’s mistake to tell you about Harsh. Manish comes and says Alshu didn’t tell me, I got to know from the minister, I called Akhilesh there. Akhilesh says after you left, Harsh blamed Akshu. Manish asks how dare he, we will show him his place. He scolds Aarohi.

Dadi says Manish is right. Manish says work in the hospital, don’t cross any limits, they made a mistake, until they come here and apologize, we won’t talk to them. Abhi comes to his room. He says I feel Akshu everywhere, I can’t make her out of my heart, I feel to run away. He prays. Harsh says I have to give camp pics to Abhi, he can know the fire cause. Abhi comes and says you know I keep christmas party for kids like every year. Harsh says fine, keep the party. Abhi asks him to call Goenka, apologize to them and invite them. He says don’t involve mum. Harsh says I will message them. Abhi says you will apologize before party ends. Harsh says impossible. Abhi says you know what I can do, I learnt manners from mum and rigidity from you, I don’t tolerate lies. Harsh says I lie when its necessary, I m more rigid than you, I won’t apologize. He goes. Abhi says you have to say sorry. He turns and sees Aarohi and Akshu.

Parth asks Manjiri not to think much. He asks her to call. She calls Manish. She apologizes and invites Goenkas in the party. Manish refuses. Parth pacifies Manjiri. Manish asks Vansh to do his work. Harsh stops Aarohi and its the camp pics, I didn’t see, you see this and fix it on notice board, your family is much emotional, explain them. She checks the pics.

She doesn’t see Akshu and Abhi’s pic. She smiles seeing Abhi weds Aarohi’s wedding cards. She gets shocked seeing Akshu and Abhi’s pic. The pic falls. Abhi comes and steps on it. He picks the pic and gives it to her. She says thanks, and tears it. Abhi calls her out. He joins the pic and sees it. He says I know you lied to me, I hate lies and liars, get out. She shouts no. Her imagination ends. She cries and goes. Abhi is doing decorations. Akshu stumbles and falls in the box. Abhi looks on. Akshu thinks Abhi holds me always, but this time… She sees him and says I will manage. She tries to get up. She says I came to help on Mahima’s saying. He jokes. She says he isn’t helping today. He looks on and gets angry. She shouts for help. Someone comes to help. Abhi sends the doctor away. Aarohi takes the pic to burn. Mahima asks what are you doing here. Aarohi puts the pics in box. Mahima says I have asked Akshu to do this, you are a doctor, you focus on your work, Akshu has no emergency duty. Aarohi turns and sees the box gone.

Abhi holds Akshu’s hand and helps. They have an eyelock. Lagja gale…plays…. Abhi asks Akshu to use her eyes, she always falls down. He falls in the box. She laughs and jokes. Kids come and laugh seeing him. He smiles. Aarohi sees someone taking the box and stops him. She says you should have asked before taking the box. She sees other things inside. She looks for pics. She asks did you take anything out, where is the pic, I mean papers. The guy say sorry, I don’t know, we had kept all the boxes inside. She goes to check. She sees many boxes. She checks. Akshu sees Abhi. The girl asks them to write their wish. They sit to write. Abhi’s inner self asks him to not marry Aarohi, when he loves Akshu. Akshu’s inner self says you are doing this for Aarohi, to keep everyone happy, but what about your happiness, think well. Abhi and Akshu make a heart and fix a bandage on it. Kora kaagaz….plays….. Abhi and Akshu see each other.

Aarohi looks for the pic. Harsh asks what secret, fine, find the pic, Abhi shouldn’t get it. Abhi sees the pic. He looks at Akshu. Aarohi worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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