Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Arohi ki Dhokebaazi ; Abhi Hai Apni Dhun Mein

Akshu saying bye Abhi. He says Abhimanyu, just my mum calls me Abhi and now your sister will call that, bye Akshara. He leaves. She gets sad and leaves. Neil says I will try to fix this soon. Aarohi says I have to do this course and get this degree some how. Mahima sees her and scolds again. Aarohi goes. Anand looks on and says don’t do this, I m your husband and a fellow doctor also, you fought to reach here, fight fair, Aarohi is your junior. He goes. Mahima says its easy for you to say this, I know Akshu is right for Birlas, not Aarohi.

Shefali and Nishti teach the dance to Manjiri. Neil comes. Kairav asks Dadi to sit, he will go and light the diya. He lights the diya. He prays for Akshu. He dances with them. He gives the video to Manjiri to show her. She gets shocked seeing Abhi’s video. She recalls. She asks am I making a big mistake. She cries. Neil thinks just mum can do something now. Mahima comes. She asks why are you worried. Manjiri says I think Abhi isn’t happy, he doesn’t like Aaroh. Mahima says I also think so, Abhi has come. Manjiri goes to talk to him. He is on call.

Akshu and Aarohi come home. Suwarna shows the jewelry to Aarohi. Kairav asks Dadi to rest. Dadi says I m okay, I m excited for marriage preparations, I chose these jewelry myself. Akshu says this necklace is of Sirat, right, this necklace looks beautiful on Aarohi. Aarohi gets the admission officer’s message. She recalls Mahima’s words. She says I want 40 lakhs. They all get shocked.

Manjiri thinks to find out, is Abhi marrying against his wish. Harsh looks on and thinks to find out what is Manjiri upto. Akshu and Kairav ask why does she want money. Aarohi says I want a diamond necklace for 40 lakhs. Kairav and Manish agree to buy it. She asks them to give money to her, she will get it herself. Kairav says we didn’t refuse. Manish says fine, take the money, buy anything you like. Aarohi thanks him. She replies to the man.

Abhi asks where did mum go, she wanted to talk. Harsh says she wanted to ask something, I answered and she went. Abhi goes. Harsh thinks its good I explained her well, she got convinced. Akshu asks Vansh where is Aarohi. He says she left. She says I told her that I will come along. He says she would be hurrying to welcome Abhi home. Aarohi buys some jewellery. The man gives her two bills, original one of 10 lakhs and fake bill of 40 lakhs. Shefali and Mahima look on. They say its strange.

At the mehendi function, everyone asks Aarohi to wear the necklace. Aarohi says its a surprise. Abhi plays dhol and makes an entry with his family. He says its my turn now. He takes Aarohi for dance. They dance on Ranjhana…. Mahima says we take mehendi to Kanha ji first and then for the rasam, Manjiri will come. Akshu says this is abnormal, not normal, this wasn’t decided. Abhi says just you decided it till now, but this is my normal, you don’t exist in my life.


Akshu and Aarohi dance in mehendi. Akshu gets Abhi’s face mehendi on her hands. Aarohi gets some papers. Neil looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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