Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Arohi’s Sly Plan; Will She Reach Mandap ?

Everyone dancing. Akshu thinks madness for dreams is good, but I wish she didn’t lie. Suwarna asks her to sit. Dadi asks Akshu to apply haldi to Aarohi. Abhi cries. Harsh asks him to go home. Abhi asks did mum come. Harsh says she will come, listen to me sometimes. Abhi says I will come. Harsh thinks its not good to argue with him at this time.

Abhi holds the bracelet and takes the pic to see. Nurse comes and says please come, there is an emergency patient. Abhi goes. Akshu says you don’t deserve this, I don’t want to apply haldi to your face. Aarohi says then don’t apply. Akshu pats her face. Kairav sees them staring at each other angrily. Aarohi goes and dances. Akshu recalls Aarohi’s lie. The staff is dancing and asks Abhi to dance. Abhi shouts. They all get sad. He dances with them. Akshu gets Abhi’s video. Jaaniye…plays… Dadi asks them to come for rasam.

Kairav asks what’s happening, you and Aarohi have no energy and enthusiam, what’s the matter, tell me. Akshu says nothing, come for puja. Abhi comes home. Nishta says you went to hospital today also. Abhi says I will get ready when mum comes. He sees Harsh and goes. Dadi guides Aarohi. Aarohi thinks I have to go for exam. She asks is it done.

Dadi says you aren’t going for exam, why are you tensed. Aarohi says I m in hurry to go to the parlor. Suwarna says we have booked makeup artist at home. Aarohi says no, I want to go there. Dadi says do the makeup yourself. Aarohi says please, let me go. Akhilesh says let her do things her way. Aarohi says I will take Akshu with me. Manish says no, look at her condition. Aarohi says she will just sit there with me. She takes Akshu. Abhi thinks of Akshu and cries.

Aarohi and Akshu are on the way. Akshu says I thought your exam is here itself, its your exam. Aarohi says I will go and come by flight, exam should go well. Akshu says slow drive first. Aarohi says I m getting late. Akshu says its not right, if you don’t come in time, then Abhi will feel bad, he can’t tolerate lies. Aarohi says I will manage my would be husband, exam and marriage will happen today. Manish sees Aarohi’s childhood pic. He says we will do her bidaai today. Akhilesh says yes. Manish says Akshu will also go somewhere, they are the shine of this house, what will happen when they go. Suwarna says the men act strong, their heart are like wax. Dadi says they love their daughters a lot. Akshu asks Aarohi to stop.

Aarohi says you are my sister and want my happiness, my happiness is in my career and marriage, handle everything here till I come. Akshu says please stop, don’t do this. Aarohi says everything is in your hands now, I will wear the degree crown and then come for wearing mangalsutra. Akshu asks do you love Abhi, how can you lie to him. Aarohi says he is the best, I m the best, we can lie for getting the best, don’t make such small lies an issue when its about dreams.

Akshu thinks I have also hid the truth from Abhi. She shouts stop Aarohi, tell the truth to Abhi and go. Shefali sees Aarohi checking inside the airport. Akshu thinks the people asking her to say the truth, few people get love, fight for love. She cries. Abhi comes and holds Akshu. He asks her to say the truth, you love me, you love Aarohi and made this sacrifice, I don’t love Aarohi, this is not fair, everything should be fair in love, tell the truth, there is still time. He goes. She looks on.

Abhi runs to Goenka house. He shows the pic to Akshu and asks why. She says stop it. He asks her answer. He says you have to come to sunset point, else you can’t imagine what I will do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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