Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Bitter Arguments, Quarrel Breaks Out Between Birla’s & Goenka’s !

The Episode starts with Abhir and Ruhi arguing. Manjiri says I want to think good for my children, Abhi and Aarohi have made their world when Ruhi came, they are now making a family, what can be more better than this, right. Everyone is shocked. Kairav says you didn’t tell me about this decision, tell me this isn’t true, Aarohi. Abhi says its true, Aarohi and I are getting married, no one can tell Ruhi now that I m not her dad. Kairav recalls the past. He gets angry. Akshu stops him. She takes the kids and goes.

Kairav asks Aarohi how can you. Abhi asks him to calm down. Kairav says you didn’t talk to me, you just decided for my sister’s life. Akshu asks the kids to play in the room. Ruhi says Manjiri gave a happy news, no one clapped, why. Abhir asks why did they get angry. Akshu says no one is angry, play in the room, Abhir take care of Ruhi, don’t fight. Kairav says Ruhi doesn’t need this man. Manjiri asks him to talk with manners, her son’s name is Abhimanyu. She asks Suwarna to explain Kairav. Kairav says my sister will give me a reply. Manjiri says you can’t talk to her in loud tone.

Manish asks Kairav to apologize to Manjiri and Abhi. Kairav says I m very sorry aunty, but you can’t emotionally blackmail Aarohi. Suwarna says maybe he is in shock. Manjiri asks will he misbehave. Kairav says just Abhi has a right to get angry and say anything, to misbehave, right? You forgot, shall I remind you everything. Manjiri says if you are so sensible then why didn’t you come to meet Ruhi and Aarohi. He says I have a big problem, because my sister has compromised, yes, you heard it right, its for your benefit. Abhi says I understand your emotions, don’t forget who you are talking to, she is my mum.

Kairav says I want to explain Aarohi, I m bad, I get angry, but she should have spoken to elders atleast. Mahima calls it a drama. He says yes, I couldn’t do anything, but Abhi has ruined my sisters’ lives, I couldn’t do anything. He asks Aarohi not to make the mistake which Akshu did. Abhinav looks on. Kairav says I know I m wrong, but you all didn’t do anything right either, your love lacked something, Bade Papa. Manish cries.

Kairav says your daughters take big decisions of their lives without you all, Akshu got married and sent the news in a short voice note, and today Aarohi is doing this, elders have no option than to just bless, am I saying right. He cries. Abhinav thinks if they all are so hurt, don’t know how is Akshara ji. Kairav says for Aarohi and Akshu, we all matter a little. Abhinav goes upstairs. Abhi looks on.

Akshu recalls everything. Abhinav comes and says she would be in shock hearing that her ex husband is going to marry her sister. Kairav says this man left Akshu when she lost her two babies, you want to marry him, he will leave Ruhi and you when you will need him the most. Manjiri says enough, not a word more. Abhinav asks Akshu are you fine. She says I don’t know. He says its fine. They hear Manjiri shouting. Abhi and Kairav argue.

Kairav claps and says you are threatening me in my house, what else will you do, you have done a lot with Akshu, what is left, this family and I remember everything, you all forgot. Manjiri says I didn’t forget, I will die but I can’t forget that day. She cries. Abhi asks her to calm down. Manjiri cries that she lost her son. She says Abhi lost his babies, Aarohi lost her husband, how did you think that I forgot. Aarohi asks her to have water. Manjiri says you all forgot, Abhi is alone since six years. Abhi sees Akshu. Manjiri says Neil died because of Akshu, she left, she made a family, she has a husband and child, she didn’t turn back to see once, and I m thinking of both the families even today, about Ruhi, Aarohi and Ruhi are my daughters.

Kairav asks will you decide for them. Abhi asks him to stop it. Aarohi says we will talk about it later, not now. Kairav asks when will we talk, this thing is wrong, we have to talk, the matter won’t end. Mahima says we came here to celebrate Dadi’s birthday, not to get insulted. Manjiri says yes, we won’t stay here, Aarohi you get Ruhi. Abhi says I m not done yet. Kairav says then we will complete it.

Abhi says trust me, its imp, Kairav, life gives us a lot, and many times, it snatches a lot, we can’t change life, but whatever life has snatched from me, I don’t want to see that, I understand you, I m also a brother and can understand your pain, but I m also a son, my mum’s pain is the biggest pain for me. He says sorry from her side, but I m not sorry, I m marrying Aarohi.

Abhi asks why did you make Dadi cry. Manjiri asks why shall I hide it. Kairav asks Akshu to save Aarohi. She says I will respect her decision. Abhir insists that they attend the engagement. He calls Abhi and requests him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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