Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Differences Between Kids

The Episode starts with Dadi saying Aarohi and Akshara, when did you come. Aarohi says that’s not the point, I m asking Manish, why is he scolding my mumma. Sirat scolds her and asks her to go to her room. Akshu takes Aarohi. Manish leaves. Dadi asks Sirat to talk to the kids. Suwarna says yes, don’t take Manish’s words on his heart, his worry is the reason for his worry. Sirat says I will go and give them good. Aarohi asks why did Manish scold my mumma. Akshu says I don’t know. Sirat comes. Akshu says Aarohi is angry, I didn’t say anything because you taught me not to speak between elders.

Aarohi asks why did he say that. Sirat says he got angry on Sheela for hurting you two, it happens, will you get upset with me if I scold you, he also loves all of us, have food and tell me what happened in the school. Aarohi says I have to complete a school project. She goes. Akshu says I will have food first, you feed it to me. Sirat smiles and feeds her the food. Akshu says I know Naira would have not loved me more than you, everyone should get such a stepmum. Sirat feeds her. Aarohi gets angry and says I m also hungry. Sirat asks her to have food. Aarohi says you didn’t feed me. Sirat says you went to Kairav’s room. She feeds Aarohi also. She asks Aarohi not to get angry always.

Akshu says I m confused, what shall I make. Aarohi says I will get the trophy tomorrow. Akshu says you are the best, I will call dad and ask what shall I make. She goes to Sirat and finds her sick. She asks what happened. Sirat says I just have some cold and cough, I will be fine. Akshu says you have high fever. Suwarna asks Sirat to take medicines. Aarohi comes and asks do you want to see my project. She asks what happened. Sirat says I m fine, go and complete the project. Aarohi says its complete, see it tomorrow. They leave.

Akshu asks shall I massage your head. Sirat says no, go and complete the project. Akshu says I can do that later. She cares for Sirat. Aarohi says I will finish my project and come. Suwarna says you should have not said that, she fell unwell because of your words, you didn’t accept her. Manish says I tried. She says kids also heard it, Sirat handled them. Manish says sorry that kids heard it, I m not sorry for my words, Sheela and Mukesh always did wrong, how shall I forget them, Akshu can understand, Aarohi’s nature is different, Sirat’s family shouldn’t affect her. She nods. Aarohi comes to Sirat and makes Akshu’s hand away. She kisses Sirat and says my mumma. Its morning, Gayu comes to check Sirat. She says Akshu loves Sirat a lot, thank God, there is no fever. Akshu wakes up and asks about project.

Gayu says its morning now, shall I help. Akshu says no, take care of mumma. She goes. She likes Aarohi’s project and says wow, she will get the first prize. She applies black dot to the project. She makes her project. Sirat gets ready. Gayu asks her not to go there. Sirat says no, Akshu and Aarohi made their projects, I have to go, even Kartik isn’t there, I promised to attend their school functions. Dadi asks her to go. Sirat and Suwarna visit the school. Aarohi shows her project and says I will get the prize. Sirat asks didn’t you complete the project. Akshu says no, just 2 mins.

Aarohi says she slept at night. Sirat asks her to complete it fast. Aarohi shows the solar system and speaks on it. The man says your clarity and confidence are great, keep it up. Akshu tells about the project. It falls down. The kids laugh. Aarohi smiles. The man says better luck next time. Teacher says you didn’t focus on your project, become like Aarohi. Akshu cries. Sirat asks why did you not make the project on time, even I m disappointed this time, work on time. Teacher says judges have decided the winner, the winner is Aarohi.

Suwarna says congrats. Sirat talks to the teacher about Akshu. She says this won’t happen next time. Teacher says Aarohi is good in studies, Akshu isn’t good, they don’t look like sisters. Sirat says fishes can’t fly and butterflies can’t swim, Akshu and Aarohi are sisters, they can’t be good in the same thing, Akshu is good in music, don’t compare them. Teacher says sorry and goes. Sirat says they are my daughters, they will always be sisters. Akhilesh and Manish joke on each other, seeing Aarohi’s trophy. Akshu says teachers and judges praised her a lot. Aarohi jokes on Akshu’s project and laughs.

Manish says don’t talk like this. Sirat says its my mistake. Suwarna says you were sick. Gayu says Akshu has massaging your head and slept there, she rushed to make the project in the morning. Sirat asks what, I scolded Akshu, so sorry. She hugs Akshu. Akshu says if anything happened to you… Sirat says don’t get scared. Akshu says I love you. Aarohi scolds Akshu. Everyone looks on. Aarohi says since Akshu knows you are not her real mumma, she is trying to impress you, she is buttering and wants you to accept her as daughter. Sirat says she is my daughter, she is elder. Aarohi says she isn’t your own daughter, that aunty told that, so Akshu accepted that. Sirat scolds her. Akshu cries. Sirat says Akshu loves me and cares for me, just like you do. Sirat consoles Akshu and hugs her.

Sheela meets Aarohi and says I m your Nani. Manish scolds Sheela.

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