Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Emotional Dilemma For Abhi !

Abhi coming home with everyone. Manjiri hugs Abhi and cries. Mahima says Akshu did the magic today, she has saved Abhi. Manjiri says this happened because of Aarohi, I met her at the temple, I requested her to convince Akshu to say the truth, so Akshu told the truth. Harsh says Aarohi saved us, else we were trapped. Parth says she spoke today for her sister’s sake, its imp that our problem got solved. Abhi says we should stop discussing about Goenkas and move on. He goes to his room and gets angry. He says first love doesn’t happen again, I will move on, live and let live.

Manish asks why did you go there Akshu. Akshu says sorry, I did what Goenkas would do, supporting the truth, like mum and dad used to do. Manjiri says everything got fine. Shefali says I m happy. Parth argues with her. She asks him to look at himself first. Mahima asks them to stop fighting. She asks Parth to talk to Shefali well, she did what she felt right. She asks Shefali not to lose focus on the family. She says a successful woman is one who balances both her career and family, no one forced you to unite, no one will force you to break up, Abhi and we have tolerated a lot, a good family is one who supports each other, like I do, I handle family and career together. Manjiri looks on. Kairav asks Manish to get angry on him, not Akshu.

Manish says I have failed, my children have to lie to me, this distance came between me and my children, I didn’t know that. Kairav says you didn’t like mumma when dad wanted to marry her, then mumma became more dear to you like Kirti, it may happen that we are not always right, Akshu is also right, like us. Vansh says yes, it may happen.

Akshu says I m moving on, I went in his birthday to help him move on, he told me that he will move on, I also want this, I have a NGO jobnow, I will get busy and forget this. Kairav says please. Manish hugs her. He says I m not angry. Akshu says I know, its your love, I promise, we will see each other happy after a few days. Doctor asks Aarohi to call Abhi and ask him. He says I know about you and your sister’s confusion. Aarohi scolds him. She says I will call him just because of the patient. She calls Abhi and talks about the patient. He thanks her. She says its my job. He says mum told me that you had sent Akshu for my help, so thanks. She ends call and gets happy. She says I will get close to Abhi, thanks Manjiri for this confusion. The doctors talk about Abhi. She says Abhi is innocent, focus on your work now. She gets angry.

Abhi recalls Akshu. Manjiri comes to him. He says its not easy, but I have to do this. She says just stop having such anger, stay calm, it will be good for you, don’t get angry on your dad. She blesses him and goes. He says I can’t forgive Harsh for whatever he did, which son likes to behave like this with his dad and call him Sir. He thinks of Akshu. Kairav says tea is good, it will make the headache away, but this isn’t the cure for the heartache, I know you love Abhi, we know he loves you, I don’t understand. Akshu jokes. He says shut up, don’t do this emotional drama, tell me your feelings, move on doesn’t happen, memories don’t leave the person, person gets love with difficulty, take time and think, do what makes you happy. He goes.

Abhi sits working. He thinks of Akshu. Akshu sings Zindagi…. She thinks of Abhi. Harsh, Anand and Mahima discuss about the image makeover after Goenkas’ chapter. Mahima says you are right, it will be good for the hospital. Harsh calls someone and says you take the alliance ahead for Abhi, girl is nice, family is also good, I will convince Abhi, his mum will handle it, you spread this news, its imp for Birlas public news, medical camp and Abhi’s marriage news will be good, we should appear clean. Abhi hears this and claps.

He says wow Sir, wow everyone clap for him, I m seeing you since childhood, you are dual faced. Harsh asks what nonsense. Abhi says you love PR, not the family, everything got fine because of Akshu. Harsh says no, because of Aarohi. Abhi says don’t act to care for me, I know how much caring dad and caring husband you are, you should be ashamed. Harsh asks did your mum teach you these manners. Abhi argues. Abhi says you aren’t a good dad and good husband, I know your truth since childhood. Manjiri faints down. They get shocked.

Akshu prays for Manjiri. Abhi is also there. Abhi hears pandit praying for Manjiri. Manjiri asks Abhi to think about Aarohi once.

Update Credit to: Amena

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