Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Harshvardhan Has Illegitimate Child !

The Episode starts with Anand saying we shall name the new ward on Mahima’s mum’s name, its her land. Harsh says yes, but we made the big hospital. Abhi comes and asks did you call me. Harsh taunts. Abhi asks what’s the work. Harsh says you know what’s tomorrow. Abhi says I know, it’s the founders day for Birla hospital. Harsh says you got filmi since you married Akshu, we have to go to hospital to see the arrangements. Abhi says I will go in the morning. Anand says we will go now and fix things. Abhi murmurs do I need to go on honeymoon to spend a night with my wife. He says nothing. He signs Akshu to sleep and holds ears. She waves him bye. He leaves.

Its morning, Abhi prays to Mahadev for the Birla hospital. He says I just want us to help as many people as we can, I wish the day is really filled with joy, I m praying for happiness, but I feel restless, like something bad will happen. He prays. Harsh and everyone dine. Harsh says everything will be the best today. Akshu says we will go to the hospital tomorrow. Parth nods. Mahima asks Shefali did she call her friend for the interview. Shefali says yes. Mahima says it will be a good opportunity, is Manjiri coming.

Harsh asks why would she come. Abhi says why not, the Birla hospital is built on the land of Manjiri’s dad, she can come as my mum, its not a conference, but a celebration. Mahima says right. Harsh says I don’t want anything to get spoiled, we have to be the number one in ratings. Anand asks about the guest list. Harsh asks Neil to read it. Abhi takes the list and reads the names of the doctors. He says Dr. Avni Rathod. Manjiri and Harsh see each other. Abhi asks is anyone missing. Harsh says we can remove Dr. Avni Rathod’s name, she is dead. Manjiri says I forgot sugar free, I will get it.

Akshu says I will get it. Manjiri goes to the kitchen and cries. She says why are things come out of the past. Akshu comes there and thinks where is mum, she had come here. She asks where were you. Manjiri says my earring fell, I was finding that. Akshu asks are you fine. Manjiri says yes. Akshu asks what is troubling you. Manjiri says I don’t want to go in this function. Akshu hugs her and says everything will be fine, don’t worry. Manjiri thinks you won’t understand. She goes. Akshu says mum is hiding something, what is it, Abhi stopped me from intervening in anyone’s personal matter, she is lost since the DNA’s matter.

Manish says we should go and not get late. Aarohi says I have to hand over the first slot of DNA reports, don’t get late. She goes and says they didn’t make me deputy head of any dept till now. Harsh scolds Neil. Neil asks what did I do. Harsh says you could have checked who is alive and who not, you spoiled my mood by mentioning a dead person. Neil says sorry. Harsh asks him to go. He sees Manjiri.

Akshu looks on. She says they both look worried, but why, shall I ask them, no, Abhi will be worried. Abhi comes and hugs her, while singing. Akshu says this isn’t not our bedroom, but a hall. He asks can’t I sing. He sings a medley. She says madly. He says yes, I m madly in love with you. She says shut up. He tickles her. She tickles him back. He says sorry and sings. Neil comes. Abhi finds him sad. He asks what happened to you. Neil says nothing, there is a function in the hospital, I m tensed, there is much work. Abhi says we will sit and talk after the function. Manish says Harsh would have called mediapersons. Vansh says it’s a day of pride for them. Manish asks Kairav to congratulate Abhi and his family, stop dragging the matter. Kairav nods.

Akshu comes to the hospital and sees the decorations. She wards off the bad sight and says I just hope everything happens well. Neil comes. She says I like to see you working well, make a place in management such that no one takes a decision without you. He says I m trying. She says all the best. She looks for Abhi. She sees the emergency zone board. She hears Rohan saying Manjiri called to ask for DNA reports. Nurse says maybe Mahima called, Manjiri never called for Harsh also. He says that’s why I was thinking.

Akshu thinks to call Manjiri and ask. She thinks of Abhi’s words. She goes to the genetic health and research center. She asks the man for the DNA reports of Birla family. The man says Abhi wants it right, its ready. He goes on a call. Akshu takes the reports. Abhi says if you break my promise and interfere in any matter, then my heart will break, please don’t do this. Akshu imagines him. She says no, I can’t hurt Abhi more. She keeps the reports and leaves. Aarohi comes there. She takes the reports. She goes. The man says maybe Akshara Madam took the file.

Aarohi says Harsh has an illegitimate child, Abhimanyu and Neil. Akshu is shocked. She says I got to know the DNA test secret. Abhi checks the report.

Update Credit to: Amena

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